Monday, December 13, 2010


three men in a tub
the butcher, baker,
candlestick maker

An easy song to learn.
Hoping big for getting this part!

138 Characters
Story Copyright
© 2010 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

Picture from Susan's blog, Stony River

Check over at Susan's blog, Stony River, for more microfiction Monday! They should read quickly because our requirement is 140 characters or less.


And I just bet she does get the part!! Fun one for the day, Jim! Enjoy your week!

I also think she is a shoe-in for the part! Good one Jim!
Excellent as always Jim.

Have a terrific week ahead. Big hug. :)
Ha - my daughter is in musical theater and some of the songs that the small children have to sing for the cattle call are that simple. After you hear the 100th child sing the butcher ... you want to strangle the candlestick maker and the song maker

Happy week
She does look like a lovely little actress who learns her lines well. Good one, Jim.
Hope she gets the part.
Fun! Mother Goose dressed up as a well turned out washer woman!
Wait a minutes, Jim -- she can't possibly make it in show business. Look at her! She's all washed up! ;D
Thanks for the 140-invite Dr Jim!

Amelia sang while she washed,
"Dang stains! Don't you know ... It's mighty reckless to mess with Texas"
LOL! I think she might be in with a chance if Simon Cowell has his way! :O)
Thank you, Karen. Again a very nice µ-fiction

No, "Don't mess with Texas

May the best team win tonight, the Ravens or the Texans.

We will both be watching the big game on Jan 2, the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. the Houston Texans!

Go Texans!
She's got talent! :O)
Small men or big tub?
Yeah, that might be going through my head too! thanks-
And here I thought she was going to be singing about choosing which one of them to take home for her prize!

Very clever!
she'll get the part and then there will be no stopping her

Hope sends hugs
She definitely looks like she's auditioning for something. Nice take
Ah, she's dressed for an audition! It all makes perfect sense now. LOL Terrific MF.
Ahh--she might have enjoyed her job even more if she actually HAD three men in the tub!!! LOL.
Have a great week. Cheers!
Rub a dub dub those MEN should be doing the washing in that tub. :)

Thanks for the giggle.
She's bound to get the part.
I liked this one Jim. I was imagining her auditioning for an Ivorine commercial.
I do believe she is going to win the part. She seems to be dressed for it.
Sing as you work, it lifts your spirits and lightens your load! Hi, Jim! Good one as usual!

Wash your back , Sir?!
Practice with a mop.
You're very welcome Jim. You had a very nice microfiction a couple of weeks ago yourself.

Remember how that Stag was going to help the Texans win a football game?

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