Monday, December 20, 2010

Peter was glad Piggy was coming.

Piggy would keep him warm while sleeping on Grandmother's porch.

Why hadn't he worn long trousers?

139 Characters
Story Copyright
© 2010 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

Ancient Christmas Card Picture from Susan's blog, Stony River

Check over at Susan's blog, Stony River, for more microfiction Monday! They should read quickly because our requirement is 140 characters or less.


Poor Peter! And what a Grandma -- but I hope they had a good trip over the river and through the woods anyhow, and cocoa when they got there.

My pig's fate wasn't so nice as this LOL
Maybe Peter was too excited about getting to Grandma's House and didn't notice. Wonder what Grandma is going to cook up?
I was wondering the same thing unless those are long johns instead of white legs. :)
I wondered that myself Jim.
Very cold without pants.
Very cute.
Have a wonderful Holiday!
I think it's more like Peter will keep Piggy warm---greater mass.

I lived in Ireland one year with a family that had 3 kids. Little boys did not wear long trousers till they were about 14 or 15, even on the coldest days!
Needs to plan ahead a little better there. Fun one! :O)
Good question! Hs legs look distinctly chilly!
You know, you're right! Why is he the only one? LOL!
@RinklyRimes: A very simple answer. Peter is wearing English half-chaps (for children.) Notice how they strap over the pant legs and shoe.
@SusanFobes He's not the only one. Notice the little boy carrying the pine boughs is wearing red half-chaps.
Excellent question. Merry Christmas to the Jim Bunch.
yes, long trousers would have been a good idea, lol.
This little piggy is sure getting alot of air time

Have a wonderful Christmas Jim

Moonie smiles
Brrr! Great little story.
LOL! Sweet piggy and poor Peter. I hadn't noticed his lack of long trousers. Maybe his stockings are thick. :O)
Yes why didn't I notice that! LOL! :O)
I wasn't quite sure what Peter had on his legs, but I now know it wasn't trousers! Yikes!
Yup those cotton leggings don't help much
Because the snow will wet his long trousers? =)
Yes, it does look cold!
Ha, I noticed those short pants, too!
Haha, Jim--I wondered the same thing--why hadn't that dear boy worn long pants? And maybe even long-johns? Silly, silly boy.
Have a great Holiday Season. Cheers!
Excellent question!
Peter doesn't know that grandma is gonna warm piggy in the oven.
Puts one in mind of Robert Frost's lovely little poem . . "Stopping By Woods."
Oh I see what you mean about the link to the pig festival! Thanks- Merry Christmas.
I was thinking that little piggy has a big job

best to you and the merriest of Christmas

Moon smiles
A "short(s)" story, literally! LOL and bravo!

Happy be your Christmas!
SparkleFarkle~~~~~*(<–Asterisk becomes a snowflake this time of year!)

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