Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday # 23 ~ Olympics and Dentists

Did you and your family watch the Olympics when you were growing up?

That was the question for us this week. My answer in two letters is NO.

Linda asked several questions about watching Olympics with our families while growing up. I am no help because of several reasons. Mainly was that we did not have TV while I was growing up.

In fact, I don't think I knew much about the Olympics until I was an adult. I did know that they started in Greece and somehow I had the idea it was all about running and track events.

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Something else I'll tell here, my first visit to the dentist was when I was still at home.

I was eating some Boston Baked Bean Candy and a part of my tooth broke off. That was the only time I went to the dentist until I was in college and caught trench mouth.

We were riding in the car, my parents, sister Lois, and me. If the car was a 1938 Ford it was during the War. If that wasn't it then it was in our 1949 Ford and I was in high school. My feeling was that I was preteen which would make me in grade school and the car would be the '38.

After that I pretty much swore off eating Boston Baked Bean Candy. Boston Baked Beans are hard chocolate candy coated peanuts. They weren't covered with soft chocolate like the modern chocolate covered peanuts or raisins.

For a while I had thought they were covered soy beans but now I am convinced it had to have been peanuts. Dad really liked them and just a lot of times when we went to town (a thirty minute drive) we had some.

- - - - - - -

Speaking of guesses, it seems entries in my contest are picking up. Still it would be better if more would try. Time for the close is nearing and I hope it gets a little boost from this note.

Here is the deal:

How Many Dog Biscuits Are in My Jar?
(winner(s) and correct answer here soon—I will contact the winners)

That sounds easy. Just guess how many dog biscuits are in my jar.

They're sold in boxes like this. The jar is an antique (almost) from the 1950's.

Although these biscuits are sold for puppies I give them to my adult dogs, Adi (beagle) and Katrin (toy poodle).

I don't give them a whole biscuit at a time so these thin ones break easier.

Okay, now, give it a try. Leave your guess in with your comment. Your last entry is the one that counts.

Oh yes, you can click on the picture to make it bigger. Easier to count? I didn't say that.

Katrin - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Adi .....

Click here to register your guess. You can take a peek at the other guesses while you are there.

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Not that we were a particularly athletic family I do remember having a favorite paper doll set of Carol Heiss. I think that was her name. I do remember she was a famous skater and if I can remember where I have that set stashed maybe it is worth some money today.
I also remember ending up in college with the sister of another well known skater, Dorothy Hamill. Not bad for someone (me) who can look at ice and fall splat.

And that is my name dropping for today.
What the heck is Boston Baked Beans Candy? Show me, show me!
Sorry, Jim. I did click on the link but I must have been half asleep when I read it.
Oh Jim I remember the old Boston Baked Beans too and they were different, probably to many dental You may be right we may be the only ones that never watched them as kids, oh well. Enjoyed your post and I have been thinking on the dog treat guess. That is a cute contest!
until next time... nel
I was grown and gone from home before I went to the dentist. You just didn't go to the dentist back then. Well unless something was wrong.

It was a 30 minute drive from our house to town too. I lived in a little place called Hemlock, Oregon and to shop we had to go to Tillamook, Oregon.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Going to the dentist wasn't near as common way back when as it is today. I think I was in the 3rd or 4th grade before I went. Or maybe even 5th! I know it was elementary school because I got my braces in 6th.

I guess listening to the Olympics on radio just isn't quite the same! LOL Thanks for playing along anyway!
OK I will share one more memory. Going to the dentist was a family thing, everyone on the same day.

Not sure if it was good or bad not to do me first but when it got to be my turn I was so afraid I bit the dentist and thus began a lifelong aversion.
These days it is the cost that turns me away.
I only remember watching the summer Olympics when I was a kid.
Hi Jim ~~ Like you we had no TV when I was growing up, but I enjoy watching some of the sports now -like the swimming,diving,athletics
etc. You were unlucky with the candy.I remember falling off my bicycle and breaking a tooth. A neighbor had to drive us miles to a dentist.
Thanks for your comments about my family my friend, I am truly blessed with all of them and we all love each other dearly. Glad you enjoyed the jokes and also my
taste in music, but prefer TV to go
to sleep with. Take care, REgards, Merle.
Mr. Jim my dog biscuit answer is 129.
My first experience with the dentist was in rural east Texas. I was in about the 4th or 5th grade. I had to have some teeth pulled to make room for some permanent teeth. I can remember screaming at the top of my lungs and also remember the dentist's hands smelling awful because he smoked and there were no rubber gloves back then. That experience caused me to dread going to the dentist for 45-50 years!

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