Monday, February 14, 2011


Artie was wishing he had brushed his teeth and taken a bath this morning.

That would have made eating an apple for lunch more enjoyable.

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I wrote this for Susan's microFiction Monday. You can too! Just write a short tale (fiction preferred) about this picture in less than 140 characters and spaces. Then tell her and wait for the critique and praises!

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I will try tonight but I may not get to answer your comments until later in the week.


...and even sadder than not having fresh breath, he doesn't have a special someone to spend Valentine's Day with! :(

Good one, Jim.
Brilliant portrait in a few words, I think. I get that guy.
Ah, the things we forget or overlook!! Smelly breath, and no one for Valentine's Day! Poor guy! Great one for the day, Jim! Have a good week!

I wondered about the odor. LOL. Fun one.
Made me chuckle, Jim...thanks for that. The poor guy should realize that if he keeps forgetting to brush his teeth he may not be ABLE to eat any apples!

You made me laugh big time.
A shower is always a good thing when visiting with others!
Is that why he was shunned by the others? Good one!
Yes, fresh breath does help the date thing....and good tasting apples! :>
I'm thinking Artie must be a teen. Hygiene seems to be secondary to good sense!

Good one, Jim1
Fresh breath is always helpful when looking for a date!
No wonder he's sitting on his own! hehe
How true, if he had done those things he might have been paired off like the rest. Thanks for the chuckle!
It would indeed. Nice one :-)
Not to worry. Apples clean the teeth!
That would have also not made him sit so far from the ladies.....haha!
Good one Jim.
He does seem to be very shy about something alright!
hahahaha... or it would make a difference since it's Valentine's Day, he could have a date. nice one.
Live and learn;-)
Oh yes tooth brushing is critical- especially on valentines day!
some grooming might have made his day better :)

enjoy seeing KP
Hope sends hugs
No wonder he's sulking and keeping to himself!
Good hygiene is always a must! :O)
Priorities, Artie, priorities.
Amanda gently poked Carl in the chest, leaned forward and whispered, "If you try that again, you're a dead man."
lol, hope he's upwind of the others! Cute!
Aww...quite the case of halitosis!
Take Listerine with you on picnics, Artie!
Excellent one, Jim.

Late this week. Still recovering from a Valentine's extravaganza. Hope the rest of your week goes well.

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