Monday, February 21, 2011


Hallways deserted and scarred, the only life in the old hospital was rats.

The scrubs cleaned so good the rats were starving.

Oh rats!

140 Characters
Story Copyright
© 2011 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

Note: My "scrubs" here are the scrub techs who formerly worked in the hospital's operating room. What Does a Surgical Scrub Tech Do?

The Deserted Building prompt picture was selected by
It's posted on her blog,
Stony River

I wrote this for Susan's microFiction Monday. You can too! Just write a short tale (fiction preferred) about this picture in less than 140 characters and spaces. Then tell her and wait for the critique and praises!


That's clean indeed. Very well done.

Have a terrific day Jim. Big hug. :)
That is CLEAN!! I love it! Hope you have a great week, Jim! Enjoy!

I wonder why the rats stay in there when they're starving. Maybe starvation affected their little cerebral cortexes (sp?)

Good one, Jim--unique!
LOL! Great job, Jim. This cracked me up.
You are a good story writer Jim. Hard to write a story with so few words.
Eeek. Rats. Starving rats. I think I just saw one scurry through the hall.

Great. :)

That is clean, I'm impressed.
Don't want rats anywhere inside where I am. Outside is fine!
Sure made me smile after reading.
Have a great week Jim! :)
No food for rats? The scrubs must have moved everything out when cleaning. Good take!
Starving rats? Talk about being clean...Enjoy your week :-)
If they're starving that's good and clean. Nice one.
Somehow, I can't find any sympathy in my soul for RATS!

Well done, Jim!
Now that's a well run hospital.
Poor rats!
It's nice to know at least one thought about cleanliness in the Hospital.
Someone must have micro-managed those scrub techs very well, for the rats to be starving!

Nice take!
Jim, a very funny one this week! And you're right-memories crop up more and more as the years start to pile up...
Rats indeed!

Thanks for the comment on mine. Hope your week is going well.
I don't usually feel any sympathy for rats, but starvation may not be the most humane way to eradicate them...good one, Jim.
LOL! Excellent! :O)

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