Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gymboree time — MidWeek Blues — Fish and chips

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Monday is a free day at the Gymboree. Meme and KP and Papa Jim all went to play. As you can see they had a lot of fun things.

In the afternoon we took the bus from outside Karen's flat, one goes straight there, to take Lauren 1.4 miles to her Gymboree for the free play hour. Lauren regularly goes there on Wednesday afternoons.

She had a bucket of head sized rubber balls, slides to slide, things to walk on, drums to beat, dancing to the music and lots of running around with the kids on the exercise mats.

After Gymboree, before catching our bus to come home, we all went to the big Sainsbury's grocery store to stock up and replace the food we had eaten. Karen, Billy, and BP had been skiing in the Vilars area of Switzerland. The three of us stayed home and played in the hood.

Mrs. Jim had mostly cooked or I made sandwiches and pizza (from the frozen).
Tuesday evening all three of us went to the corner pub for some fish and chips. The fish here, as in a lot of places, was fresh cod.

We are all cleaned up and ready for the skiing trio who should be here any minute. Karen called from her taxi about 45 minutes ago. We have had coffee, not KP, and a chocolate biscuit to hold us over until we all figure out an evening meal. Perhaps they stopped at a MacDonald's?

What is blue about this fish picture?
[The answer: The salad dressing is blue cheese.]
When you give up highlight the area between the brackets.

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Or do less. All she requires is a BLUE PICTURE or BLUE THOUGHT, you don't have to write.

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Just have a great visit. I'm sure you will.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
I love that salad dressing and it fits the 'theme'. I think I'd like the gymboree, but my body would complain loudly the next day.

Sorry to hear about your friend, that's a tragic story.
Little KP is such a cutie!
So nice to hear you have had such a wonderful time.
I'd love having some of that fish and chips dinner.
Very clever how you hid the answer. I have no idea how you did that. :)
That looks great fun and i like the look of that meal :O)
i love blue cheese dressing.:p
what a great place for active kids. i bet KP had a great time.

Midweek Blues
You have such a nice family, Jim!
LOL, very tricky there Jim. The blue cheese AND the hidden answer. LOL again to that.

PS The soldiers in my photo shoot blanks so there was no danger. At least that is what I was told!
What a cool trick with the hidden answer! I have to learn how to make magic on my blog.

I think your day sounds wonderful.
That circle of blue sure looks good with that cute kid on it!! :)

Loved this post! (wish I still had some little ones to play with!)

What a darling Grand. You are lucky to be able to go play with her.

The "blue" looked delicious as does the rest of the meal. I have never seen an answer hidden in that way.
Sounds like fun Jim! Can't believe that little girl has grown so much!! I like the blue cheese 'blues', but wouldn't have gotten it without you telling me!
dear mr. jim...i have to wish you and your sweetheat a happy anniversary!...and i have started a post for you over at my place with a "to be continued !!!
tomorrow it is princess serina's birthday and the snow queen of idaho's birthdays....busy busy busy!
because we are just on our way to mom and dad goldens to make them supper but we shall terry
Your loved ones had a lovely trip in Switzerland =) My daughter had just reached Lausanne for her exchange programme. She's settling down quite well with our Lord's help.
Can you say YUM!!!! The fish & chips look yummy oh I haven't had that in a looooong time. now I'm drooling.

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