Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi-Ku ~~ Happy Pi Day

Two Pi-Ku
(no, not Haiku)
one for you, one for me

peach apple
three point one four

pi R square
one eighth for you

Today, March 14 (3-14 or 3.14) is Pi Day (link). Pi Day is celebrated mostly by mathematicians but you can join in on the fun, somehow. Me? I am writing these two Pi Ku's for my blog.

I am not a mathematician but I do have a math minor to go along with my bachelor of science in economics. For me that involved taking seven college math classes for a total of 21 semester hours.

Differential Equations, DE, was my most involved class that I completed. Advanced Calculus was my 'weedout' class, i.e. I dropped it before completion.
Read here to find out why this course "weeded me out."

Oh yes,
One Single Impression (OSI) invited us to write the Pi Ku for Pi Day. One little insight here, both Sandy and Andrée, instigators of OSI, are teachers. Andrée teaches Math, Sandy I think not.

Their idea for the Pi Ku is to have a three line poem which is similar to the Haiku. However, the syllable count is three, one, and four instead of the five, seven, five of the haiku.

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It took me a while to get it but I like it.

twenty two up
Over seven, so I'd say,
Doesn't sound magic.
How cool. I've a bachelor of science in business management.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
You always are talkin' food. this was fun.

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