Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Water pictures from Stowe Garden — MidWeek Blues —

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We enjoyed our walk through the Stowe Gardens, outside of Buckingham, U.K. Much of the garden still needed planting but what had come up on its own this spring was beautiful.

These pictures are from our afternoon walk around the lake to the south of the Stowe House. Our walk in pictures began in this blog earlier, on March 7 (

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the reflections are amazing
what a pretty place

the building in my post has a women's dress shop in the ground floor
the upper floors are apartments

Hope sends hugs
That looks like a great park! Thanks for the pictures.
Sooooo beautiful. And so open. Looks like you could just take a deep breath and relax in all that beauty.
Oh, wow they are so beautiful. i wish I was there.
The biggest pic is my favorite because of its mood and water reflections - great catch!
serene and beautiful...the light and shadows on grass are terrific.

Midweek Blues
There's a lot of pretty in that country, isn't there? And plenty of green.
Gorgeous photos, Jim. It must feel good to be home again:-)
Janice aka jabblog
Were you over in London when our dear friend Felisol went for a visit with her brother? The grass is sure green and the sights lovely. We still have brown lawn from winter snow .. all melted and turned to mush. Soon it will be green. Robins and other song birds have returned .. now we are about to be the the throws of the most spectacular time of living in the North Woods.

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