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Flashback Friday # 28 ~ Easter


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.. Easter is in April this year, Sunday April 24
Linda's words:

For those of you who have been doing Flashback Friday with me since the beginning, you may remember that last year we reflected on the Easter traditions of our childhood years. For those of you who are newer to this weekly meme, you are welcome to use that prompt and post about Easter memories, if you choose. For the rest of us (or all of us!), I had a different sort of Easter flashback in mind.
The new anddifferent flashback was Easter in our lives today. I will do a little of each.
Our theme then for this week: What memories do you have of Easter's place in your life growing up? And in your later years?
That was the big question Linda poised for us this week (to see others or if you want to join in with fun of writing up your experiences, please click on the icon to the right). So here goes:

The first part is easy. I do not remember one thing about my Easter in growing up. Not in the kid things like egg nor in the spiritual aspect.

I do however, remember a little of my sister's Easter. It seems we helped Mom dye eggs for her. Of course I got to eat some as hard boiled eggs were my favorite.

I also remember the time she got two ducks for Easter. That was a BIG MISTAKE as they were the messiest breed of ducks there were. One died and we could not eat the other. She also had a pair of rabbits in the same situation. I am not sure they came for Easter.

As I said I have no recall of Easter services in church, ever. Even though we were in church every Sunday, not at home nor while off to college or later in the military service can I remember a single Easter service.

Now in adult life I still do not remember any particular church service. I might remember this year's Sunday school lesson as I am teaching. But I taught last year for Easter and I can't remember it either.

I do know and subscribe to the meaning of Easter. Jesus, the Son of God, was killed as he sacrificed his life as a man here on earth for us. No matter how good we are all of us are sinners. God does not tolerate sin and the price must be paid.

That is why Jesus was born as a human (remember Christmas!) in order that later He might shed blood and die as the sacrifice that God demands for our sins. He died for all of us, as payment for our sin.

On the third day He arose back to life from His grave as written in the Bible prophecies. The Bible also goes on to tell us that if we will confess our sins in prayer to this living Jesus and ask Him to be the guide of our lives then God will forgive our sins. Also He promised that He will have a place prepared for his followers in Heaven.

This is if we will accept Jesus' sacrifice payment for us. All we have to do is pray to Jesus telling Him that we are a sinner, ask Him to forgive these sins, and promise to follow Him as best we can.

Note I said 'as best we can.' We will still be sinners and will not always stay in line with His way of a perfect and loving life. But Jesus knows this and those sins are now forgiven in advance.

That is what Easter time now means to me. It is a celebration and remembrance of what Jesus had done for us: His death (on a Friday for our tradition) and His coming back to life and leaving the grave (on Easter Sunday, three days later, for our tradition).

KP's first exposure to Easter egg hunting. At first she wanted to keep the one she picked up. Soon, though, she was chucking them all into her basket.

[Picture of empty grave with the stone rolled away with standing cross in the background courtesy of B.H. Carroll Theological Institute e-mailing. No credit was given by them.]

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I was raised on a farm so there was always work every single day. We did go to church on Easter Sunday though. I remember that. There wasn't much in the way of Easter eggs. We just worked all the time.

When my son was born and he was old enough we did the Easter egg hunt along with church.

Have a terrific day and a great Easter. :)
I love how you wove the Gospel into your post. Have a blessed Easter, Jim.
Such adorable pictures of KP and her Easter basket.
Wow, Jim, where do I begin? I spent some time here catching up. I've been running a bit behind lately.

First of all, I enjoyed last Friday's gardening post very much. My husband and I don't have very green thumbs either--but our daddy's both did.

Next, I enjoyed reading about your outing to the mall with little KP. The Disney Store, and the merry-go-round are among my favorites, too. Sadly, our Disney Store closed, but our granddaughter loves all things Disney!

Last, I really enjoyed your Easter post. I laughed about the ducks and rabbits story...sometimes we don't think about what we're getting into. We got rabbits one year for our daughter! I always liked those colored baby chicks...but they grow up to be messy white roosters! LOL

I appreciate how you also included the gospel into your post. It was a nice pre-Easter message :) May you and yours have a blessed Easter!

Kathy (edshunnybunny)
Yes, I remember Duckie. It snowed on May 1 (May Basket Day) when he was hatched. And I remember the Lenten Sunday night services at church. The BYF had teams & your team got points for different Bible things. Dad had already given our team points for saying the books of the Bible, both Old & New. So the next Sunday night he asked if we got extra points for saying the books backwards, which he proceded to do. Not sure how many points we got, but I was amazed.
Amen, and a good Holy week to you and yours.
Enjoyed your post Jim. I do not remember any church services growing up but the family all got together and we had a big egg hunt with cousins and everyone at the farm where I lived in early years. My daughter was about 4 when I started church regularly, and Easter services were some of the best, especially the sunrise services outside. Beautiful memories. Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog, appreciate you my friend. Hope you and Mrs. Jim and your family have a Blessed Easter!
until next time... nel
Hi Jim! I'm catching up on your posts. I love the Merry Go Round at the mall! I'd love that mall! Can't believe KP has grown so much! She is so pretty!! When I was a kid I recall the county fair and the Merry Go Round is all I can recall about it! I loved it!!

Great post for Flashback and Easter! I don't recall much about Easter services when I was a kid. Our church was very small with only a few people attending. We did get to hunt Easter eggs sometimes. It was great fun!

Your gospel message is great! He is Risen!! Happy Easter to you and Mrs. Jim!!!
As a child my church memories of
Easter seem to revolve around everyone's fancy new dresses and shoes. That' probably not what God had in mind.

As an adult I am better able to appreciate and understand the horror of the crucifixion and the price Jesus paid -- in blood -- so I would not have to. If it weren't for Easter, there would be no reason to celebrate Christmas -- because if it weren't for Easter, we would still be condemned to death for our sins.

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