Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flashback Friday # 29 ~ (More on Weddings)

More on the family picture in the post above:

Click two times on the family picture or however you do it (it could be a button in a corner) to see it really good.

My sister, Lois, might know better, but I am sure now that I am not in this picture. The man in the middle is my great-grandfather, "Uncle John" My grandfather, "Charlie", was not present for some reason.

The children being held are very likely my uncles. The young one on the left has been guessed as my own uncle Lester. If so, then the lady holding him is my own grandmother when she was young.

The man next to here looks a lot like I remember her father (but he isn't--he is Fred Overman, married to my dad's Aunt Annie on his left), my Grandfather Fletcher who came down from Main. His family (not an ancestor however, came over on the Mayflower (Moses Fletcher of England).

"Uncle John" could be holding my father. Baby boys wore dresses back in those days. Did you notice?

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