Friday, April 29, 2011

Flashback Friday # 29 ~ Weddings

.. A famous Royalty member was married today. I set my alarm for 3:00 AM and watched the whole thing! What did you do? You realize that people of our generation or older watched his mom and dad, Prince Charles and Lady Diana, get married back in 1981. You might have also. .

Appropriately, the Flashback Friday theme for this week:

What memories do you have of family weddings' place in your family while you were growing up? And in your later years?

That was the big question Linda poised for us this week (to see others or if you want to join in with fun of writing up your experiences, please click on the icon to the upper right). So here goes:

Her questions: What is the earliest family wedding you remember attending? Did your family attend many weddings when you were growing up? What do you remember of them? What was typical of weddings you attended? Were you ever in a wedding as a child? As you became a young adult were you in lots of weddings? What roles did you have? Did you catch the bouquet (or garter)? What "royal" or newsmaking weddings do you remember and how old were you? For the gals, were you one who planned your wedding repeatedly as you werer growing up or was it not a big deal to you? What have you noticed that is different about weddings today, and do you consider it for better or for worse?
(Please do not include memories of your own wedding in this flashback.)
The earliest family wedding that I attended was that of my niece, Barb. Unless it was as a child when I was too young to remember I never went to family weddings. I didn't go to relatives' funerals either.

I could be one of these babies as "Uncle John" was my great-grandfather. These people look dressed for a wedding. I have no idea of which ones could be the bride and groom. Not many are sitting together as spouses.

About the same time as Barb's wedding my own kids were getting married and of course I went to them. Also I had gone with Mrs. Jim to some of her friends' weddings.

The first royal wedding that I remember was that of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. I saw most of that on TV.

(Linda told us not to include our own wedding so I won't.)

But, if you are interested you can learn a little about it here.

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The earliest wedding that I can remember was a church member. I was very small and she wanted all the members of the church to share her wedding. I thought it was magical.

I didn't watch Lady Di get married and I'm not watching tomorrows wedding. I wish them well.

Next January hubby and I are sailing to Hawaii from San Diego. I will return to the Eastern Caribbean on day though. I'll also go to St. John. :)

Have a terrific day. :)
Click two times on the family picture or however you do it (it could be a button in a corner) to see it really good.

My sister, Lois, might know better, but I am sure now that I am not in this picture. The man in the middle is my great-grandfather, "Uncle John" My grandfather, "Charlie", was not present for some reason.

The children being held are very likely my uncles. The young one on the left has been guessed as my own uncle Lester. If so, then the lady holding him is my own grandmother when she was young.

The man next to here looks a lot like I remember her father, my Grandfather Fletcher who came down from Main. His family (not an ancestor however, came over on the Mayflower (Moses Fletcher of England).

"Uncle John" could be holding my father.
Baby boys wore dresses back in those days. Did you notice?
No, I won't watch the royal wedding. I didn't watch his parents wedding either. Just not that interested I reckon!

I guess the first wedding I attended was when my oldest brother got married. I don't recall much about it though. My Dad put on a suit and tie for it. He said he felt like he was being hung, and he couldn't wait to get that tie off! LOL He always wore overalls.
Thanks for participating even though this is more of a "girl" flashback! (And so far you are the only one!) I love the cartoon1
I did not watch the Royal Wedding, I looked at some pictures this morning.

Have a wonderful weekend!
You never attended any wedding but your own until you were of the age that your own children were marrying? Wow. I find that amazing. I do totally understand why you avoid funerals though. I do, too. In fact, I have even told people that I won't be attending my own!
Quilly, I did attend some weddings of Mrs. Jim's friends after we met. Also some of her relatives, none of mine, even my sister, as they were all 1000 miles away or more.

Linda, if there ever was a "chick-Flashback Friday" this one was it!

BP, it was worth watching. I took a nap afterwards, from 12-1 PM.

Sandee, enjoy the Bay this weekend!

Rachel, I didn't have to put on a tie as the funeral was for a military buddy while I was in the Army. It was my first and I went to that one because of the military experience.
How wonderful that your daughter was able to be on hand for the Royal celebration! I'd forgotten that she lived over there.

I didn't get up early to watch the wedding, but instead recorded it and watched later. I'm glad I took the time to watch, and I was able to fast forward through the slow moments.

Have a great weekend!
That cartoon is hilarious!

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