Sunday, April 03, 2011

Happy UK Mother's Day, Karen!



[Click on pictures to enlarge]
The pictures are some 'candid' shots we caught from Skype while talking with the kids in London. Daddy Billy got this cover page from off the Internet. It is a first for me. Good work! Our blogging friend, Rachel, used to call Karen the 'Wonder Woman' with all the things she did to keep herself busy, entertained, and employed. Not she's a good great Mum (thanks, Rachel) as well.

Today, Sunday, April 3, is Mother's Day in Great Britain.

Happy Mother's Day, Karen!

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Jim ~ How very very cute! ~ j///b
Thank you so much for sharing the very lovely photos with us, Dr Jim :)
Ohh!! Yes, she is Wonder Woman indeed!! She is like the energizer bunny that keeps going and going!!

I'm sure she is a great Mum too!! Don't they call them Mum in England? Love the photos!!

I'll have to check on the eagles!!
Happy mother's day, Karen. (Belatedly and from a stranger.)
Happy Mother's Day Karen. ;)

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