Friday, April 08, 2011

Six Word Saturday — Did peanut butter prices just get lower?

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I was checking on my peanut butter price when the Kroger ads said to look for new low prices throughout the store. When I came up onto the peanut butter sure enough, there was this big arrow pointing down to the kind I use.
But it wasn't lower! The price of my peanut butter was higher than it had ever been!
For quite a long time these 18 ounce jars of Kroger (store brand) peanut butter had been $1.27. Then it went up again, to $1.34. But I always bought it on sale, either ten for $10 or as of late four for $5.00.
I found a manager and told him that the big arrow sign shouldn't be here and for sure he should take off the 'Low Price' part of the price marker. He mentioned that his wife always bought this peanut butter and that he would check on the situation.
I will keep you posted but I'm not holding my breath for a price change downward.

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Hi Jim, dropping in from from 6WS - the lesson here is never believe the sign just because it's there.

I hate how supermarkets do this
Great 6WS! You really have to be an alert shopper not to fall for the stores tricks!
oh yeah- I was just reading about how manufacturers are switching to smaller comtainers making items more expensive without us being aware of the size change. Grrr.
By the way- we eat a lot of peanut butter but I switched to Adams years ago because it doesn't have all the sugars etc added to it-it's pure peanut butter-yes you do have to stirr it up, but it so much healthier for you and your family. Just a suggestion.....
If it's not Jiffy it isn't the yummiest peanut butter! lol
Peanut butter is the last vestige of civilization. They can't lie about the price.
Yeah, it's amazing how much prices have gone up. I say it's highway robbery!!! I remember when I could fill my cart for under $100 but NOW, I'm luck to walk out with four bags for under that. I feel we are being taken advantage of, personally!

Happy SWS!
Isn't it crazy how they try to get you one way or another! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)
Things shouldn't be going up as much as they are...but they seem to justify it all one way or another!

Thanks for the heads up! (:>)

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
ifin you weren't so addicted to peanut butter you could let this whole thing slide but no you had to snoop around to get the BEST price<><><>an addiction like that should be curbed before it gets out of hand
oh my I so agree but we can always hope
Has the price on ANYTHING gotten lower??? It's ridiculous!!!
So many sales are just a trick. And most often, they catch people on it. Have you read Dan Ariely's "Predictably Irrational"? I haven't, but husband has and it's on my list. Anyways, he talks a lot about the power of the word "sale" or "free" from my understanding. Yes, we need to be diligent with our money and not trust the stores to get it right.

Thanks for playing 6WS!
I wouldn't hold my breath either Jim! Seems the prices on most things have all gone up!
Now you want truth in advertising? Let me know how that works for you. I'm not holding my breath, either.

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