Friday, April 30, 2004

Six Word Saturday — Thankful — A Quiz

What are these?
I sure am thankful for them.

Hint, they are NOT chicken nuggets.

In fact they are not edible (these almost look ready for frying, don't they?).

Try hard, the answer is in the empty space below, above the pictures.

The 6WS answer is in the EMPTY SPACE below
click on the space and HIGHLIGHT the whole area
The answer will pop out
clumping kitty litter coated CAT PEE


Aren't you?

- - - - - - -
Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words. Six Word Saturday, Click the box --> to visit Cate's blog with Mr. Linky showing all the other blogs participating this week. Cate is the boss at Six Word Saturday. She would like for you to participate.

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In case you couldn't get the area hightlighted, the answer is
clumping kitty litter coated CAT PEE.

Hope this didn't offend anyone.

Happy Six Word Saturday!
Jim - so funny! We have to clean ours 2 or more times a day! Thank goodness for the clumps! LOL! Great 6WS!
Haha! This just made my day. I was guessing charcoal briquettes. Probably because I don't have a cat. I literally laughed right out loud when I read your six words. Thanks so much for sharing!
Couple coats of polyurethane, you could string em together into a nifty (if somewhat oversized) necklace, eh?
Very funny! I was guessing cat poop! My litter isn't the clumping kind.

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