Saturday, May 14, 2011

If only I were outside, I would be ...

I know what I would do outside.

I would play hide and seek again with my daddy.

The park was very crowded at is was a holiday. But that doesn't matter. I'm like my mommy, I am a real Tree Hugger.

Would you like to get the nice e-mails that Mommy and Grandpa Jim are getting?

If so, please
click here to get them started.

I have copied one of the TreeHugger cartoons below.

[all photos by Billy from his cell phone]

A TreeHugger Newsletter cartoon that isn't funny.

Most of them aren't but this happens many times every day.

Be careful, please DON'T LITTER!

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That Katie is a cutie!

Always cut your plastic bottle rings up before tossing them away!

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