Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eric had held off Lila's lure to skinny dip. Resistance was only a matter of genes.

What would Gene do?

In with a splash they went!
- - - - - - -

140 Characters

Story Copyright
© 2011 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

Written for Succinctly Yours – Week 17
The 'obscure' prompt word and the picture were selected by
It's posted on her blog, Grandma's Goulash
Her Rules: Use the photo as inspiration for a story of 140 characters OR 140 words. It doesn’t have to be exactly 140, just not more.
Using the prompt word is not required but Grandma smiles bigger if we do.


Did the good Gene win or did the bad Gene win? Racy one today, Jim! Unique and creative.
Oh bad gene! LOL Like your take on this
I liked you take on this one!
LOL! Poor Gene! Very clever play on words this week Jim...
Very clever Jim!
Very witty, Jim! Love the word play and the result! Good fun for all!
A bit naughty and a lot of fun. Is that body of water named Gene Pool perchance?

Thanks for the smile, Jim.
A fun take, I'm betting he's glad he finally gave in, more fun than sitting on the sidelines.
So, did Gene go camping with them or is he her ex? Stay tuned to find out!!
Well, this surprised me, GEG! Figured you had this side in you, but hadn't seen it in the blog world. I love the line "resistance was only a mater of genes"- then the play on words about "Gene".
ooh Grandma made a great pun: "gene pool"! LOVE IT!
I appreciate that you're keeping the faith here.
Dear Jim ~~ It was so good to hear that you are home from hospital and have home health coming daily this week. I hope you don't have too much pain after the knee surgery and hope it will be as good as 'they' say.
Good idea to give your own blood, no risk then. I had 2 pints when I was in hospital in April. They put it in the groin so it could get quickly straight to the heart.
I am trying to take care of my ticker. I have heard that pace makers are good, didn't need to hear about loose wires Jim.
Glad you liked the 45 items and yes
probably you or I could have written similar ones. I liked the one "When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile."
Take great care my friend and I wish you a very speedy recovery.
With Best Wishes, Merle.

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