Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Jim Bunch Eats Again — Six Word Saturday —


It's Good

to the

Last Bite

Believe it or not it is a FISH TACO. Or rather the last bite of a half order of fish tacos.

We had eaten here many times before when it was a Berry Hills. Now it is a Tree House Mexican Baja Grill.

Our daughter Karen liked the ones at Berry Hills a lot. I didn't care for them because they were sloppy; filled with a tarter sauce type dressing and stuffed with coleslaw in with the piece of fish.

You can see that these are open faced and very delicious. Mrs. Jim and I split an order of fish tacos coming with beans and rice, and of course as many corn chips and salsa as we would want.

Our waiter was nice and put each half order on a separate plate. This one was mine and Mrs. Jim's was just like it.

The inside of the restaurant hadn't changed very much. But the atmosphere was changed. Before at Berry Hill's it was a walk-up-to-give-your-order place. After giving your order you took your own glass and filled it yourself at the drink fountain.

Now it is a sit-down place where a black suited waiter seats you, another takes your order and waits your table. No more carrying drinks all over the place and getting your own chips and salsa. All here was very proper, yet ideal for casual dining.

Of course we will come back. Not very often however because usually we don't have much reason to travel out there to Katy. Our family, Karen, Billy, BP, and KP have moved to London.

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Fish taco seems to be all the rage right now here in the States; another instance, I think, of the food fad culture we live in here. I guess they've always been around (though I'm not one to have tried them) but, suddenly, they're getting gallons of ink.
Dear Jim ~~ I am always glad to hear that the Jim Bunch eats again and glad you enjoyed the meal and the service. We have a Master Chef competition here and the last 8 in it went to New York for a week, so I got to see some places and some food. All very nice and interesting

I mainly popped over tonight to wish you well on the 18th for your knee surgery. All the very best my friend. I always think, I won't worry, that is the doctor's job and
they are well paid for it, so don't worry until after when you have to recover. Very best wishes,
Mouth watering now...they look delicious! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Wow! Will you look at the size of that half portion! I wouldn't have been able to eat the half of the half!
Bon courage for the surgery, et bon rétablissement.
Fish tacos do not seem to be something I would like but your picture looks really delicious. Perhaps I should give them a try!
I'm not much of a fish eater, but it looks good in the photo!

Best wishes with the knee surgery, and may you have a speedy recovery!

you. making. me. hungry. mister :)
just can't eat well after jaw surgery :(

Have a blessed weekend, dear Jim

Never had a fish taco...Hum...but that did look good! :) (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)
It does look yummy. I love the fancy colors and the presentation. SWS.

Come & Play: Thursday Two Questions
I love fish tacos...but only without cabbage! ;)
I have never had a fish taco but I hear about them a lot. I like fish (some kinds not some kinda of white fish) and I love tacos but I have trouble imagining them together lol I should give it a try though =)
I haven't had a fish taco. I love fish, but somehow it just doesn't sound good to me. So glad you enjoyed yours!

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