Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I'll have the blue plate special, please — MidWeek Blues —

When we were first married back eons ago, Mrs. Jim asked me what I would like for breakfast. I casually told her that I usually don't eat breakfast except for some coffee and half a granola bar.

So that is what we had that day. Guess what? It has been our breakfast now for 38 years. Mrs. Jim said I had my chance for a nice cooked breakfast and I turned it down. She wasn't going to ask me any more.

If I ask her to cook me something nice she will. It's just that she doesn't hardly ever ask me any more.

Mrs. Jim can make the best of breakfasts. Like everything else she cooks, her breakfasts are delicious. If you are here at breakfast time chances are that she will make you eggs your way, bacon, sausage, homemade southern biscuits and jelly (or gravy if you want), coffee and juice or milk.

Sometimes she will vary her menu by making pancakes or waffles. She might even experiment with a new recipe from one of her cooking magazines. For sure it will be good.

Since my knee surgery I have been eating breakfast other than the granola bar. Either it will be egg on toast or half a Lean Pockets Breakfast sandwich(??). Yesterday she made this nice breakfast, pictured, for me. It was really good.

My eggs are hard boiled cooked ahead of time, either by Mrs. Jim or me. Generally I have a small glass of juice and a piece of fruit as well. Apples are the easiest. And the dogs get 1/2 of my egg yolk as I have chloresterol problems.

This attempt at breakfast may be helping with my weight control program. So far after my surgery I have lost fifteen (15) pounds. My previous breakfast for weight control was a dismal failure. (
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First of all I love the blue dish. And the food that is yummy, very healthy!

U Know Me
Very healthy breakfast too. Now I'm hungry. I can't remember the last time I've had an egg. Sigh.

Have a terrific day. :)
Hi Jim, yes that is my name. And it made me laugh with your guess "tweety blue" hehehe.!! Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it.
Shhhhh, don't tell my husband that wives actually do cook breakfast! But I WILL unwrap a granola bar for him :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Hey Jim! I'm in... what time do you serve breakfast? ~ j///b
Hi Jim ~~ Good looking breakfst and I
guess since your operation, you have been spoilt a bit. Lap it up while you can. The problem with the weight loss is because there hasn't been any "The Jim Bunch Eat Again" for awhile. Great you are driving again apart from backing out of the garage so you can open the door far enough for your leg.
Glad you enjoyed the jokes and "God
lives in the bathroom" one. It is rare to find new ones, isn't it?
Take care,my friend,Regards, Merle.
I'm hungry.
She sounds like a terrific cook. Dear Jim, I hope you feel better soon from your surgery. Sending hugs your way. (Aren't dogs gr8 for food we can't eat? ) yolks help make their coats shinier.
Mrs Jim is a very excellent cook. Please take care of yourself after the operation :)
Nice to marry a good cook. I married one too> :) He loves cooking. I love eating...oh dear, that explains the weight problem. Haha.

I am just catching up after a busy week! Sorry to be so late visiting.

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