Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kid Construction Worker — MidWeek Blues —

KP is driving again.

This time she is herding a kid-sized toy tractor at the Gymboree construction site. I haven't been to this room so I have no idea of what else is there. Obviously she likes this machine.

She is wearing her favorite hat. I wonder if there is a hard hat for her like her co-worker there has. She was given this hat by a relative and absolutely loves it. Since the weather is finally cooling in London she can wear it and her matching hoodie.

I have a hard hat given to me by one of my intern students who was in a business management class that I was teaching. Others tell me that the color coding of it (beige-brown) that it was a 'management hat'. KP likes to be boss so I'm sure she is qualified for the hat.

My blues in this picture are minimal, the little boy helper and KP's blue jeans, but I just had to show off this newest grandchild picture that came from Karen (her Mom, our daughter) this morning.

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If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking on the logo picture on the right. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions . Just do what I did.

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She's a cutie pie times two. I can see why you are so proud.

Have a terrific day. :)
It's your blog and you can post whatever you like regardless of the "blue" level :). She's a cutie!

She has great taste in power equipment, I'm glad to see Bob is lending a helping hand!
The helper is Bob the Builder. My son, now 14, adored Bob the Builder when he was little. Bob always said, and was repeated round here, "Can we fix it? Yes, we can!"
How cute is that! What a fun time you must have there Jim.

Awwwww.... you go girl!
adorable shot- love the Builder Bob next to her-!
Bob will be gutted to be relegated to 'little helper'!

KP is adorable :)

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