Saturday, October 29, 2011

A sunset here? — Six Word Saturday — Sunset picture not

My Six Words:
Red eye fix turned off the sun

It was a pretty sunset over the lake with pink sky and red sun. But my camera red eye fixer 'fixed it'. There was such a pretty red sun in the middle of this picture when I took it from inside our friend's house at her breakfast room table.

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Ahhhh...Blassed technologic wonder. I love texting with a "smart" phone that wants to finish your words for you, inevitably gets you screwed with the wife or the boss, costs you a marriage or a job.
So sad. But at least you saw it.
Looks like a great place to watch the sunset! You have the memory!
Stopping by from 6WS
Mom on Caffeine
What a lovely view.
Still lovely!
It looks like a beautiful place though to have a house and to go and visit though!!

have a great day!

Cameras have a mind of their own sometimes.
Come have a peek at my etsy shop for my new art.
Love that view...and it's still a great picture!

Happy Six Word Saturday!

Sometimes 'new' is not improved. Beautiful setting.
I still think it looks nice. My camera won't let me take a picture of the sky. It's just a big blur. : )
I think it's still a great picture, even if the red-eye 'fixed' it.
Hey Jim, we do have sleighs in PA, but I'm thinking I'm thinking a wagon full of wet hay might be a little stinky in the snowstorm we are having!
Still a very beautiful picture and place!
Just love technology that thinks it's smarter than the people running it. At least you have the beautiful memory.
so nice Jim..!

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