Wednesday, October 12, 2011

U.S. Air Force Acadamy Cadet Chapel — MidWeek Blues —


Above, to the left of the tree in the center is the U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel. I had thought I had taken a picture as we walked up to it but my "smart camera" must have decided not to keep it. What you see is cropped from the one to the right.

The Chapel was completed in 1962. (
Wikipedia link) It measures 150 feet high, 280 feet long, and 84 feet wide. That is just a few feet smaller than an American football field (300 feet long).

There are three floors which are used for worship. The first floor raised about 20 feet is used for the Protestants, the second lowered about 20 feet is for the Catholics, and the third lower floor has a Jewish Synagogue and several All-faiths rooms.
I am only posting pictures of the Protestant Chapel tonight. Partly that is because this is a MidWeek Blues post and those other too floors aren't showing nearly as much blue.

The Air Force does like blue, their uniforms are blue. Until the Air Force became its own entity it was a part of the Army, the U.S. Army Air Corps. A little after the change they had new uniforms designed. When I was in the University of Nebraska R.O.T.C. we had blue uniforms but the shoes they issued us were brown. They also issued us a bottle black dye so we could dye our shoes to the new black color.

The picture on the left shows the front of the Protestant chapel. Mrs. Jim is walking down the center isle and the pulpit and alter area is at the very end. Each bench seat is capped with a piece of polished aluminum.

On the right is a couple of the stained glass windows. The picture on the right was taken when Mrs. Jim was walking back out, to the rear. Above the back door is the organ. It was made, in America, especially for this chapel.

In case you are wondering, the Academy has had most all of the faiths of the world studying here. The floor location, top, middle, or lower was selected by the numerical number of students at the academy, with the Protestants having the most, followed by the Catholics and then the Jewish.

I would recomend that you go to the Wikipedia link and read more about this chapel. (Wikipedia link)
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Beautiful and what a wonderful history lesson too. I'd not heard of this chapel before. Thanks for just an in depth post.

Have a terrific day. :)
How absolutely stunning! I love the blue lights in the chapel along with the touch of history.
We visited there once. It is a stunning building to be inside of.
the interior is stunning!!
the light is lovely
and the colors are so peaceful

Hope sends hugs
Wow! The photos are so lovely, Dr Jim :)
i love the reflections of the stained glass window. marvelous architecture.

about the boats in my MB post, they're passenger boats for island-hopping.:p
The blue inside is stunning!
Makes me think of the old slogan -
'the wild blue yonder'. :)
How great are those blues? Thanks for the story, it's very informative.

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