Saturday, November 05, 2011

Doctor Granny in action — Six Word Saturday —

my six words:
Dr. Granny gives Amber another life

Our Karen's nineteen-year-old cat, Amber who lives with us, was losing weight and not eating. What to do? We really thought we might have to in the VERY NEAR future have her put to sleep.

We took her to the vet who promptly took a blood sample. The diagnosis was that she was low on several of her ionic minerals and other type solutions in her blood.

The vet gave her an injection of LACTATED RINGER'S solution in her upper back skin, showing us how to administer this. We were then told that we should give her a 100 mls Subcutaneous (under the skin) injection of this solution once every week or so as needed. The injection contained 600 mg SODIUM LACTATE ANHYD, 310 mg POTASSIUM CLORIDE, 30 mg CALCIUM CLORIDE DYHYDRATE, and 20 mg IN WATER FOR INJECTION. Also could contain HCL (acid) or NaOH (base) for ph adjustment.

In the picture to the right above you can see how Granny Mrs. Jim gives the injection.

Amber got her new life, Number 0010 (ten), as she had just used up her ninth life.

After the third injection she started eating again, really good and more than the former two cans that she was only eating part of. And she gained a weight to seven (7) pounds from the 4.5 pounds when we took her to the vet. And once more she runs around upstairs playing with her toys.

Amber lives upstairs in our loft type large game room. She comes down with us when we are home. First we have to pick her food as Katrin (link to Katrin and her antics), our toy poodle, licks her food dishes clean (Amber is on an all you can eat diet). At bedtime she goes up again to sleep and we close her gate.

Do you remember Dr. Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies? (link) I still watch the reruns. I think many of you might too!
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19 is a good age for a cat. I'm so glad the veticine worked and Amber is a happy cat again.
A cheerful post to start my day :) Thanks.

Our local pet shop has this up: Cats were once worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.

She'll go when SHE'S ready, and not before :)
Well done to Amber, and Doctor Granny!
Hello Jim,

I wasn't able to join the SWS last week but I'm glad I'm back to share such a good news.

Take good care of your kitty dear.

Anyway did you chance anything on your design dear ?

How does you word game goes ?

Happy SWS

Doctor Granny sure is wonderful! I'm so amazed that she has gained that much weight. Amber is a cutie!

I hope you all have a nice weekend! Maybe Mom wants to come visit and be Potty Training Granny! I'm failing miserably!
19 - what an innings for a cat. I love Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies - haven't seen that show in years
Good for Granny Mrs. Jim giving Amber those injections! I didn't even know this was possible for pets to get something like this! I hope Amber is very cooperative for these, I know how challenging it can be giving an insulin shot to a dog twice a day.

I hope Amber has many good days left in your household; sweet looking cat!

Good for you to take her to the vet. Not she can live that 10th life eating. Just saying.

Have a terrific weekend. :) sweet! And WOW 19!! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)
Glad to see that your cat is better. I like that you have a place for them to play in. Your cat eats more than all three of our cats combined. : )
Oh my goodness what a lucky cat!Im glad the injection has helped her.
Six words:

Thank the Lord for great vets.

oh what we do for our beloved 4 footed family.....bless you!
You got my six - and I am following your blog - love it. sandie
I didn't have your email address to write a comment back from my comment. So I am writing an answer here.

"Thanks too for 'following me. I could tell that there was one more following. But since I am still using the old blogger I am not allowed to see who they are."

You use the old blogger – I'm not sure what that is. You can’t see who follows you?

I had to follow you from the word FOLLOW on top of your blog.

Were you able to follow me on my follower button? If not you can follow me from the top of my blog too.

And let me say thanks to you – for serving our country and making it such a wonderful place.
Wow, that's awesome. I wish I could have done this with our sweet boy.

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