Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dog in a jacket — Six Word Saturday —

My Six Words:
Thanks for the movie — good popcorn

That would be in the dog's dreams. This little Chihuahua belongs to a friend and they do travel places together like this but I doubt if ever to a movie like this.
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Ha! I usta be a smuggler, too. But a dog? To a movie? That's chutzpah!
Cute! We're you really able to sit through an entire movie with your doggie in your coat? :o)
Ha! I tried that with the cat once. Only once...
Too cute if the dog actually did make it into the movie; if it was Koda, he never would have sat quietly through it if popcorn was involved! I know a lot of people tuck their dogs in their arms and take them about anywhere here too! Your friend's dog looks mighty spoiled!

have a good weekend!

I always wonder when the dog tells them they have to go......
Oh I can see it! What a cutie!
haha...I smuggle food into a movie but never a dog :)
Wow!A dog at a movie :-) it looked so snuggly!Good job it didn't bark!
My mom's friend used to take her little tiny dog into restaurants in her purse with a scarf covering it. Then she would feed the dog bits of bacon and stuff! (:>)
That was a cute picture. I would love to take my dog to a movie.
Dogs that don't mind being smuggled everywhere are the best. They get out more, they see more, they do so much more than other dogs do. They have a very interesting life.
Oh, how cute!
Do dogs like to go to movies? Lol!
: )
Hello Jim
Just to say thank you for last weeks comment on my 6WS.I had a fun time finding out about everyone's different ways to dry clothes :-)

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