Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Eating — Six Word Saturday —

my six words:

Jail Food Isn't Nearly This Good

Our daughter, Karen, and granddaughter, KP, took the train through the chunnel from London to Paris the other day. Since Karen was traveling with two-year-old plus KP the conductor (??) felt sorry for her and invited both of them to ride first class.

This was her meal with a nice piece of salmon as entrée (main course, U.S. definition of entrée). I am not sure what to call the spinach side. It appears to have cheese and I don't know what all. You can ask Karen, perhaps she will leave us a comment telling.

. .

NO TRAIN FOR ME IN JAIL. YES, ONCE AGAIN I AM HEADING OFF TO JAIL (picture at right courtesy of Wikipedia).

That means that I may not answer your comments, or at least ones left later on in the week. I will have my lap top with me but my time for Internet stuff will be limited.

Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words for Six Word Saturday. Click the box at right to visit Cate's blog with Mr. Linky showing all the other blogs participating this week. Cate is the boss at Six Word Saturday. She would like for you to participate.

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That food does look good! Very kind conductor to allow your daughter and grand-daughter to update to first class!

Not sure what jail is as you are talking about, but I'm sure it can't be too bad if you are taking your lap top to it?

That food makes the thought of Eurostar more enticing - we usually take a picnic on the ferry!
Hope you back out of jail soon!
That looks like a very superior meal. I didn't realise it was possible to get such a thing on Eurostar - I suppose I thought everyone took their own snacks/picnic.
Okay I have six words for you today myself!

Have a great trip and Thanksgiving!

Oh my goodness how delicious and so cool that they got moved to first class...what luck! My daugher and I just came back from a trip to California with her 2 year old little yeah I can so relate! Glad they had such a great experience to share together!
Wow! Looks great.

Hope your time goes quickly :)
Dad, the food was absolutely wonderful! In fact, I kept the menu paper and have been actively searching for the recipe!

It was a fillet of salmon in a Chablis sauce, spinach with mushrooms (similar to a crustless quiche) and topped with chives/tomato!

Enjoy your jail and I'm sure you will find some good food!

the food looks pretty tasty- I think the spinach thing could be a frittata?
And just jail is this?
Score! What luck to upgrade to first class. Hope the meal tasted as good as it looked.
What a lucky upgrade! Jail? What do I have to do to get sent there?
I love salmon and spinach! Why are you going to jail? What did you do? Also I have a random question to ask you since you do live in the Houston area, I was wondering if you have seen any squirrels? I haven't seen any recently and I was wondering if you knew anything about that. : )
That was so kind of the conductor. We flew first class once (managed an upgrade by using our points). The difference between coach and first class food was insane. This looks delicious!

Thanks for playing 6WS!

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