Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Patriotic?? — MidWeek Blues —


..Not really. But please notice the water tower with the U.S. and Texas flags.
There is one flag on each side.

The trouble is that patriotic people pay their taxes. The owners of this restaurant, the Ransom's Steakhouse and Saloon in Montgomery, Texas, had not been paying the appropriate business taxes. The taxing authorities swooped in and shut the place down and padlocked it tight. Then came the barrels in the driveways.

"...the state of Texas placed a tax lien in the amount of $11,824.37 for unpaid employment taxes dating back to early 2010. A second lien was filed on RSAS Holdings in March in the amount of $15,763.61 for delinquent taxes." (link:
YourConroeNews.com[Courier News]) Also according to the Courier the Ransom's owner was behind on his construction loan, food supplier payments, and salaries to the employees.

I didn't go in. My physical therapist said they served really good food. Too bad they didn't pay their taxes. Now I won't be able to eat there.

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That's horrible that they didn't pay. It seems hypocritical for them to be flying patriotic flags. Shame on them. (I have a guessing game on my post ready for your wit.)
Dummies! Oh, and I like your new golf cart. My golf game might improve if I had a pretty cart like that to drive and if it hadn't just snowed. Nice to meet you, Jim.
Well, now that might be why Texas is so successful. Cracking down on tax evaders. It seems like, around here, tax evaders get away with a lot of evading! Makes those of us paying a little perturbed.
I sure pay my taxes. Lots of taxes. Now I'm hungry for a steak dinner.

Have a terrific day Jim. :)
But Jim you are assuming everything you read and heard was true - the media wouldn't lie to us. Would they?

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