Monday, December 05, 2011

We are now home from Charlotte, N.C. and will blog about our holiday shortly.

Art became jubilant and went dashing down the snowy wrong way.

Nina worried about him until he texted, "I got here before the St. Bernard!"

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Hehe. Nice one. Those St Bernard's are hard to beat.
Way to go, Art! Perhaps the St. Bernard is easing into retirement.
Nina had nothing to worry about, looks like! Thanks for visiting...
Excellent use of the word jubilant.

Awaiting your holiday post(s).

Have a terrific day. :)
Nothing more reassuring then a canine text. :D Good one, Jim.

Good to have you back. Hope you enjoyed your time in Charlotte.
Dogs are great fun in snow.
Has society moved to the next level---canine texting??! Very funny story!

Very good! Mrs and Dr Jim are home safely :)
Oh my...even dogs are texting nowadays! LOL At least Art had a good sense of direction. :)
Ha ah that's an achievement!

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