Sunday, January 08, 2012


Carlos, world famous for his hacky sack skills, was troubled. No one would bet with him.

O that these two snooks have
drift of his fame.

- - - - - - -
140 Characters as counted by Design 215

Story Copyright
© 2012 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

°Written for Succinctly Yours – Week 42
°The word of the week, 'drift', and the picture were selected by
°It's posted on her blog, Grandma's Goulash
°Her Rules: Use the photo as inspiration for a story of 140 characters OR 140 words. It doesn’t have to be exactly 140, just not more.
°Using the word of the week is not required. This week I elected to use it.
Hacky Sack: Hacky Sack (also known as "Hackey Sack") is the trademarked name of a type of footbag [with which the game of Hacky Sack is played]. (from Wikipedia, link)


Is it possible that these so-called lack-of-respecters really are on to Carlos? That's it! They aren't snooks at all, just smart! LOL!

Thanks for "carrying the ball" on this one, hacky sack or t'otherwise. LoLouder!
Oh, I think they don't entirely trust him. LOL
Carlos lacks people skills, I think.
Oh fame is such a fleeting thing as Carlos was finding out! LOL
I think you did an outstanding job on this Jim. I was trying to come up with something and it just wasn't working at all.

Have a terrific day. :)
I agree with Sparkle on this one--methinks the other players are familiar with Carlos' skill. good one, Jim!
Carlos needs to bet with somene who has some cash. These two are living hand to mouth.
Below, the tallest tree has gone past it's prime and needs to be cut down to size.
I like the pic of dino and the bubbly.
Carlos needs a disguise before he tries to pull anyone into a sucker bet. LOL
Hi Jim(I almost called you Jimbo- don't know why),

I have resurfaced. Love the word "snooks" here. Also, I learned from this post. I was not schooled in this sport. Thanks for dropping by and checking in on me plus being astute enough to find a place to comment! I am writing again. It was so VERY nice to see your comment and name, Jim. :)
Carlos definitely needs some lessons from pool or card hustlers. I really liked your slant on this photo, Jim.
Perhaps Carlos has found some easy marks?


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