Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blue Good Stuff — MidWeek Blues — In a Bag or Under a Cat


My first blue is in this grocery bag. Last week I visited my cardiovascular doctor. He gave be a good bill of health for an estimated time of at least six months. That is the time for my next appointment, in July.

He also gave me this bag of 'sample medicines'. They will be from one month's supply to three or more months.

That saves me a lot of money because he prescribes four different medicines. One for blood pressure, a blood thinner (Plavix) to take with Aspirin, a statin combo, and another to help with keeping my triglyceride level down. In addition my GP doctor prescribes a one-a-day pill and my back doctor has me on FosoMax for my bone strength/density.

Nothing to do with these meds, but my back doctor has me doing physical therapy rehab exercises for about a month. I do them at the facility in Montgomery and also at home on the days I don't go. They are teaching me exercises and stretches to do at home that will help me strengthen my back.

The stationary bike is on the list for now about ten minutes. There is one at our clubhouse Fitness Center here in the subdivision. We used to have one but it got decrepit and we gave it away.

Next is this cat that lives with us. Well, not really the cat is blue, but rather her favorite resting and sleeping place.

Amber here is sleeping in Mrs. Jim's computer chair that has a blue cushion. She cares not for the chair but for the nice cushion.

Seems that all of our animals like laying on blue beds. Blue must be a soothing color for them. (Adi on her blue double bed
link) (Katrin in her (then) 'new' blue trimmed bed link)

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And now in case you are tired of blue, here is a really neat "Pun of the Day" especially if you like math and/or physics:

The Latest from Pun of the Day -- Posted: January 31, 2012

Why did the inclined plane refuse to divorce the fulcrum?
He couldn't lever. [Click to Vote!]
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You are blessed to have a doctor giving you all those samples!! And good you are good for 6 months! teehee sandie
sweet shot :)
It sure does help when the doctor gives samples!! There is nothing cheap about medication. Amber looks perfectly content and happy on that blue cushion.
Your doctor is so kind to give the samples to you :)
Sample are always a good thing. Goodness meds are expensive these days! I like your kitty! How is Adi doing these days?
I'm so glad you get samples, I'm right now trying to figure out Tier 1 from Tier 3 and all the ins and outs of my Medicare plan, it becomes effective today
Yay for me

I love the cat, what a sweetie

Hugs to all from me and Hope

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