Monday, January 09, 2012

Charlotte Holiday Trip # 2 — MidWeek Blues —


Found this across from the Elvis Presley estate and Visitor Center in Memphis on our way to Charlotte.

It appears to be abandoned. Looks like the Memphis economy was on the Fritz for Memphis' Elvis Presley hanger-ons. Down the street was this Crispy Creme donut shop. We had orders from Danny, Mrs. Jim's brother, to pick some up as they don't have Krispy Kreme's in the Jackson area of Tennessee.

Our Krispy Kreme's in the Houston area have all closed also, perhaps even closed in the whole state. I haven't seen any where I've been in Texas for several years now. The donuts are here in the stores, shipped in from who knows where? Perhaps China or Taiwan or Indonesia.

Another thing we noticed on this street across from the Elvis mansion was that the street was tree baron and looked very dingy and neglected. Not good for Memphis! I'd go for this local bakery on the right. It's in Milan, Tennessee.

What follows are some more pictures from the Jackson area of Tennessee, mostly around Milan, Humbolt, and Gadson towns which are north of Jackson. [Note: Not all may have blue for MidWeek Blues but I wanted the buildings put in this post.]

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If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking on the logo picture on the right. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions . Just do what I did.

Sunday was Elvis' birthday. Born January 8, 1935, he would had been 77 now. I also learned that he was stationed at Fort Hood about the time I was for training, like I was. That's one thing we have in common! (link)
Speaking of birthdays, also coming up on the 17th is Betty White's 90th birthday. She's a little bit and more older than I am! (
Happy Birthday to Elvis! (late) and to Betty White! (early).

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My mom was a huge Elvis fan. Me not so much.

Looks pretty rundown indeed.

Here there is a reason Krispy Kreme shut down. Their donuts are awful. Much better places to have great donuts.

Have a terrific day. :)
Thanks for the tour of Memphis and Elvis - I have never been there.

And we have Krispie Kremes here.

I like that wall art on Gibson City Hall. I am surprises how run down it is around Elvis' Estate. You would think the visitors would help out that economy. But run down buildings make interesting photos, I think anyway.

Thanks for sending the dough boy info on ebay. Now hubby wants me to put ours on e bay instead. :) I didn't realize they were collectable.
I remember when Krispy Kreme was THE sweet stuff to have
Now it's all Dunkin' Donuts

I adore Elvis

Hugs to all

Hope your back is feeling stronger and stronger

oh - Hope asks for help to go into her "treasure chest" since she's not so good with glass
All of our Krispy Kreme's closed a while ago :-(

I love abandoned buildings, they call out to me (ok, not really, but I still like them).
Krispy Kreme? We don't have any outlet in Singapore either.
AARP says that Memphis is the fifth toughest city in the USA:

"#5: Memphis, Tenn.

The blues were born on Beale Street in this atmospheric Southern city, where the cultural scene and barbecue are legendary. Indeed, early each May, the Beale Street Music Festival celebrates the rich musical heritage. But Memphis has struggled with poverty and gang activity for years, and the city’s 2010 robbery statistics were double that of the national average, earning it a spot on the list of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. The bigger picture is rosier: Violent crime has dropped 23 percent in the last five years, and efforts to stem youth involvement in crime have become shining examples for similarly afflicted urban areas.

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