Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday night — Six Word Saturday — The lost truck

My Six Words:
I know it's parked here someplace

On Friday nights we see all kinds of sights. I was double parked also, right there where this fellow was heading, across from the purple truck. But a parking space opened close and I took it. (Note the fellow's shirt matches fairly well with the truck.)
This is the parking lot and driveway in front of our new Kroger grocery plus store. It has about the variety of the French store, the Auchan hypermarket (link). We like to shop here but parking sometimes gets weird. Like double parking or walking a mile (almost) from your car.
BTW, Auchan's first U.S. store opened here, in Houston, Texas, in 1988. The 250,000-square-foot (23,000 m2) market was located on a 31.3-acre (12.7 ha) plot of land. But in the early 2000's the Houston and all the other U.S. Auchans had closed.

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Did you hear about the thief who stole a calendar got twelve months?

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That's the one thing I loved about visiting America - things are big, trucks, shops, life.
Walking a mile to get to the shop - insane when you've driven there
I matched a truck once. What a lovely blaze it made.

Cool, historic 5.
Auchan is our favourite supermarket when we visit France, but I didn't know it was (or had been) in any other countries. You learn something new every day.

The car parks in the Walmarts and Targets that I have visited in the US have often been HUGE - I'm always worried I won't be able to find my car!
We don't have the space for big car parks in the UK, so parking is always a nightmare.
Well, Jim, walking IS good exercise! :)
Parking just to shop for some groceries can really be testing. Shopping is fun when others are not a bother. That is possible if we shop while others are kept busy at home or still at their place of work. A boon for the retirees!

i wish car parks here is as big as that!

visiting from 6WS!
it's a good thing those new stores eventually lose their charm and get regulars...parking at the end of the lot or fishing for a spot can get tiring. love the matchy-matchy purple tow truck!
LOVE IT! now have you ever lost your car?
Parking is usually a piece of cake here. I took a picture of our Leclerc carpark (better than Auchan) yesterday - plenty of spaces. And parking is free in town and not too hard to find a place except on market day (some of which takes place on the car park!). But what really gets my goat is when people park on the newly re-made pavement (sidework)in our little village, right outside the superette. It's as if they couldn't bear to park 5 paces away where they wouldn't cause a hazard for drivers trying to see round the corner.
TEXAS is a very funny place
hoo boy- I'd hate to lose my car!
Fun post (cheered me up no end).
I don't know about a Kroger plus store. I do know we make some big stores here and have to walk forever - but it is supposed to be good for us - right? sandie
lets get back to the wifes performance review. I always laugh when I read that.
I don't think I can whip mine so I'll pass on that.
We use handicap parking most of the time but I am guessing since that is a new store those spaces are taken up quickly.
I was in Texas in 2006, and was astounded by the size of both stores and parking lots. (We call them car parks, here in Australia.)

I am glad to live in a small country town where, even if you can't get a park close to the shop, it's not far to walk from anywhere in the CBD!
Oh what the photo. My favorite thing is to usually park in the same places, stores, areas what ever...and when in doubt use the key fob to honk the horn!
Lol! I know what you mean, we have a H-E-B that has a parking lot that looks exactly like that one at your Kroger's. Kroger is actually my favorite grocery store to go to, it has more variety but, I think Randall's has the best variety. I've never been to a Auchan before, sorry it had to close to down. : )

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