Monday, January 16, 2012

The Latest from Pun of the Day -- Posted: January 16, 2012

The pun: "I've never killed a deer before but I'll take a shot at it."

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(I voted it an "Awful" and that was the most popular. There were NO "Excellent" votes as of this posting. POOR BAMBI, good thing she can't read.)


I'm glad Bambi can't read either. Just saying.

Have a terrific day Jim. :)
I am glad Bambi can't read either! :( sandie
Guess I am as ever the woman against the stream. There's to many deer in Norway. They are hosting the dreaded Borellia carrying insect-.

I love the taste of the meat too. Animals who have lived a good life running free taste far better that factory meat.

Even so, I'm breathless whenever I see a deer on my hikes. They are just beautiful. And my family are not hunters....
hahah I love puns....and thanks for your nice note on our up coming move- I appreciate yur kind and sympathetic words!
ps we will be moving to 10 acres with lots of Bambis!

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