Saturday, February 25, 2012

Charlotte Holiday Trip # 3— Six Word Saturday —

My Six Words:
Appalachian Vacation — a trip to WORK

We drove to Charlotte, N.C, and back
starting Tuesday morning, November 22, 2011, and returning Saturday night, December 3. Charlotte is 1313 miles from our home.
The purpose of our trip was, along with thirteen others from Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class, to help (called by us, WORK) process the filled shoe boxes that were sent in to Operation Christmas Child (link).
We stopped along the way to Charlotte to visit relatives, Mrs. Jim's cousin in Baton Rouge and then her brother in Milan, Tennessee.

After that we spent the night at Asheville, N.C, after visiting the the old Biltmore Hotel. The next morning we visited this church, the Billy Graham Chapel (Chatlos Memorial Chapel) in Asheville, NC, at The Cove. It rarely is used for religious services now. It is mostly used as a tourist attraction.

We arrived in Charlotte after dark that night. Most of our work group was there at the motel waiting for us. Each of us had bought one of these red shirts to wear as our uniforms. The white ones some wore the next day. They were given to us as a souvenir for our service.
On the left was an 'after work' picture the second day. We took a lunch break and most of us ate together. We could bring a lunch, go out, or get a really bargain priced pizza or Chic-fil-A chicken sandwich on the premises.
I hope to post some more Tennessee family pictures soon.

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What a great reason for a trip
Wow, what amazing photos! I've always wanted to visit there. I have a sister in law that just recently moved there from we will eventually make that trip! Work and play go well together!
What a great thing to do. Great photos.
great pictures and such a great reason for that trip!
What a wonderful thing to do. I love it.

Have a terrific day. :)
A charming insight into your life. Love the photos too.
Your altruistic motives make my (currently underway) cruise to the Bahamas seem even more self-indulgent and decadent than it is!
Enjoyed the photos, too!
You sure took a long trip and saw a lot of relatives - wish I had a lot of relatives to go see - that would be a lot of fun to me. I have a really small family. sandie
Wow..Great fun you had, Jim! Must have been such a satisfying sojourn to be 'working' with friends!

Hi Jim ~~ I have sat in my new chair most of this afternoon and do not have to get up so often to walk or exercise, so it is better than my easy chair. My back aches while I sit in the old chair, not just when I get up. Glad you enjoyed the jokes and "Aunt Karen" was a nasty piece of work and to be avoided. The
labels were so unnecessary.
Take care my friend, and
"May Shirley Goodnest and Marcy be with you today and
always." Cheers, Merle.
A great trip. And what a gorgeous building.
Nice of yall to do that. I'd like to tour the Biltmore one day.
Thank you so much for sharing all the very lovely photo with us, Dr Jim :)

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