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Thursday Memes -- Things in a row -- Two Questions

Happy Ground Hog Day!
I hope your winter ends NOW.

How would you like to be stuck behind this eighteen wheeler going down the road at 70 mph? (One fellow here today has his load neatly stacked in rows, the first is rather helter-skelter.)

That doesn't sound much fun. I hate to be stuck behind a logging truck because I am always afraid that one or more of those logs would drop off going way to fast.

I was behind a truck that lost a very large cast iron something that belonged on road working equipment. I dodged it and good thing because if we had hit that Mrs. Jim or I might not be here today.

Likewise I don't like to get behind farmers hauling bales of hay going down the road at 70 mph or even less either. Just because the hay is soft doesn't mean it won't cause lots of damage and possible injury.
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And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Poetic Shutterbug for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)

Last week I asked about men giving their wives annual performance evaluations. Most thought that wasn't necessary. One of the ladies said she and her husband have a friendly annual critique session and then figure how to work on any problem areas. That might be a good thing to do!
Youngest Grandchild, KP, likes her gelato:

This week I have been thinking of some advice I always give young people in the family after their wedding. I give the same advice after each child is born.

I say, "I don't ever want to catch (or see if now a kid or grandkid) your child being drug through the mall crying up a storm." Then I continue, "stop and give him or her some ice cream." That assumes the child is old enough to eat ice cream.
If they do that it works every time and just plain changes the mood of the child. It is like he or she forgets what the problem was in the first place.

1. Does this sound like good, workable, advice to you. Why or why not.

2. Do you do this or something similar now with your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew? If so how does it work.

............................................................Bonus question: Do you or did you ever dye your hair?

I died my hair black when Mrs. Jim and I first met and followed on after our marriage. Finally I stopped because it was such a mess. Even though I began dying it in the shower it was still trouble and took lots of my time.

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I could try dying my hair black but I'm sure my wife wouldn't stop laughing for a week.
Impressive rows
A kid who routinely wails in public places send one message to me and that is, the parents aren't giving the child proper attention, which in turn makes a child spoiled because when ever they scream out mom or dad gives him/her something to quieten the child. This sets the parent & child up for a life time of bad habits.

I'm very thankful our kids never act out. We were super blessed is all I can say. Your question has prompted me to really think about just why kids behave this way. I had not given it much thought until now. I'm glad you did. My daughter was asking me how to handle her step-son when he does this. I should have told her he needs more attention before things get to this point.

The bottom line is, if a kid feels comfortable with mommy & daddy all the time then when the family dines out, goes shopping, etc then he/she won't sound like a brat to the rest the population.

To answer you second question, since my kids never demanded attention like. When our kids became fussy, I would pick mine up to quietly shush or point to something to take her/his mind of why they were crying. Usually, it was all due to being tired. Our children never begged for candy or toys when we shopped. Often times, we'd ask what would you like and they'd be totally clueless. After offering some suggestions then they'd make a pick. Like I said, we were extremely blessed. We didn't do anything special, trust me.

Bonus question: Yes, I have dyed my hair. It never turns out like I want. The gray is still there.
I've been behind logging trucks before, but somehow that one looks so much more menacing with that pointy end sticking out!

I dye my hair all the time; sometimes changing color. Keeps my husband know....variety is the spice of life, right?
I have a four year old right now and I would immediately go home. I don't care what I have to do or see. That was always my ground rule with my daughter. If she is too upset to have a good time then, it's time to call quits.
I am not into the buttering up when either parent or child is upset. Although, it works everytime like you say. If I was stuck somewhere and had to go on, I would try to calm her down, and gently remind her of what we have to do and the prize afterwards. She listens. It differs with every kid though...with my other kids, remove them from the scene works better.
Those rigs with logs worry me.
And I have not seen a truck with bales of green hay before!
We have the same ritual - but ours is an albino groundhog who lives in Wiarton Ont. see my post from previous and also the signs, signs post from Wednesday for a story about him.
btw he did not see his shadow.

...and the windows seemed to be coloured glass rather than stained.
I am with you! I like to give space with anything carrying large loads. Great things in a row!

My son was always happy to shop. He loved it! He didn't get stuff, he just enjoyed being pushed in the cart and looking around. Nosy little guy! :)

I do dye my hair. Strangest one was when I decided to go red and it was really BRIGHT! So, I grabbed a box of dark ash brown to tame it--which turned it purple! Yikes! When I picked my son up at school, he looked and said, "Cool Mom!!!!" and he mean't it! LOL I never tried that one again and leave the red totally ALONE!!!
Those are some scary looking logs! But they make a good row shot!

I'm often stuck behind trucks hauling hay heading out of our valley! We put up hay for a living on a 1500 acre farm! Our neighbors also hay and are currently in the process of having hay hauled out to other locations.
I don't mind taking the slow road behind something - but I stay back. Mr. Chatty can't stand it.

And I have died my hair, but I am natural now.

I once saw a freeway accident just after a load of logs broke free. I don't get too close behind logs trucks and never, ever drive beside them....never.

I agree with Cathy, if a child is crying in the store don't reward the crying.

Only my hairdresser knows for sure.
I don't like being behind anything with things stacked or hanging off either. I try to keep a distance between us in case I have to make a sudden stop or swerve.

1. That is good advice if the child was just being upset and not choosing to be disobbedient or did something before that warranted a warning or discipline that got them to crying.

2. I think we should always stop and address our children. no matter what.

Aloha :)

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