Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Memes -- Things in a row -- Two Questions


I went to my orthopedic surgeon this Monday afternoon looking for a clearance from rehab. He gave me that and also said don't come back unless my back gets to hurting a lot worse.

He had injected my T-12 vertebrae which had a compression fracture. Before the surgery my back was almost killing me. When I would sit up from laying down it felt like my spine was holding the world much like Mr. Atlas of old.

While the doc was out looking at my X-Rays I spotted this plastic spine laying on the edge of the sink. It seemed perfect for a things in a row post. Then looking out the window at the parking lot and saw the rows of cars. Of course the venetian blind had rows of shades.

On the way home I saw the haphazard row of signs and Viola, another rows picture for the blog.

You will see below that the traffic lights were also in rows with the Jack-in-the-Box sign in the middle. I think I like the style of the Jack-in-the-Box's new sign.

I used to eat their $1.00 chicken sandwiches but not any more. Now I eat Wendy's 99c Everyday Value Meal Monterey Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich. I hold the sauce and ask for BBQ sauce on the side (in a packet) instead. Much better than Jack-in-the-Box's.

Besides, Wendy's around here give a 10% senior discount. A few give a free fountain drink instead of the discount. Wendy's Menu.

For more things in a row please visit Pat's Things in a Row post. You might like to post your own 'Things in a Row.'
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And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Poetic Shutterbug for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)

Last week we answered questions about our car colors and how long we kept them. Most were like we are, keep them until the wheels are about to fall off. And the bonus question, most like us weren't doing much Mardi Gras celebrating.

My two questions for this week:

1. Have you taken pictures in a doctor's office or other strange place to put on your blog?

2. What do you think about Jack-in-the-Box versus Wendy's. Is there a place you'd rather go?

My answers:

1. All the time I take pictures for the blog. Doctors' offices for sure. It took Mrs. Jim a while to get used to this. Now she just smiles. I think she really loves me. Tomorrow we celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary.

2. MacDonald's and Wendy's are about tied for first. Even so, Taco Bell's 99c tacos are the best fast food going.

Bonus Question:

How many digital cameras have you had for taking blog pictures?

I am now on my third pocket camera. They went Kodak, Sony, Sony.

Adi, our beagle knocked the Kodak off the shelf. The first Sony was just plain worn out as I had to tape the buttons on. The second Sony isn't as good but sure is easy to use-a Sony CyberShot DSC-560 that takes 14.1 MPix. I have it throttled down to 5 MPix.

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To God be the glory! Your visit to the surgeon is so encouraging, Dr Jim :)
Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary! I love how you took those pictures everywhere...I don't take pictures in those kinds of places..only because I don't think about it.

I don't like Jack n the Box at all...don't know why, just never it would be Wendy's for me!
Holy cow! I saw that spine and freaked out! And then read that it was fake. Oh. Never mind! Ha ha!

My main camera is a Nikon D40, but I always carry a Canon Power Shot. I've taken pictures in some weird, the women's restroom? It's amazing the things you find in there! Like funny signs, or things written on the back of the stall door!
That's a lot of rows!

1. Hubby is the photographer in this household so I don't take pictures of anything. He takes them for me if I ask.

2. I don't eat at Jack in the Box or Wendy's so I don't know which is best. Fast food just doesn't appeal to me for the most part.

3. I've never owned a digital camera. See question #1.

Have a terrific day. :)
Haha, that spine picture was freaking me out too, between it and the first glance at your post. Glad that all is well and that you're going to celebrate your 39th years together! Yippee!

I have to say those are great finds for your things in a row post, gees, those are very creative. I couldn't even think of it, even if it was staring at me in the face like before you mentioned them. haha.
Anyhow, I have taken photos, all kinds at the doc's office when I took care of my mama.
I would have to try Wendy's we don't have one close by, so it is now Mickey D's or Kentucky Fried.
I actually jumped when I saw that first photo! Great shots for rows this week!

Yes, I have taken photos in a Dr.'s office and gotten some very strange looks.

I don't eat at Wendy's or Jack in the Box anymore because I can't have any gluten in my diet, so I just stay away from fast food places. I use to love the chocolate ice cream shakes from Wendy's!

I have two cameras. Both Kodak. I got the first one in 2005 and the point and shoot in 2007 or 2008. Nothing fancy and they take decent photos.

Happy Anniversary!
My parents just celebrated their 62last weekend!
Congrads on the Wedding Anniversary,
I take pictures everywhere but haven't taken in the Doctor's office.. most of the time I will be too preoccupied keeping the kids behave to take a photo.

We don't have Jack n the box here so can't say about it.. The Wendy's is really not up to won't be visiting it.
I like Wendy's - we don;t have a Jack in the Box here.

Things in a row - classroom desks???

I also take pictures at the doctor of office, but rarely use them on my blogs. It's more for my own memory.

I don't eat anything at Jack n the Box, or Wendy, unless it's salad.
Nice collections of rows,
hope the back continues to get better (very familiar with back pain here)

answers to your questions:
1). no office or other public type setting 'yet'. my camera is a little to big to be discrete!
2). never been to Jack in the Box, don't like Wendys~ Love Culvers and Cracker Barrel!
Bonus). I used to have a little HP M425 Photosmart, but passed it down to daughter #2 when I got my DSL 2 years ago. New one is a Sony Alpha 230. Not top of the line but I love it!

PS, I would've loved to have someone in the family in the railroad business! Trains are a soft spot for us too! I've put up several posts of our visits to the Illinois Railway Museum.

Keep up the good work! cheers!
I must be a boring person because I don't believe I've ever taken pictures in a strange place. I think it's neat many bloggers will capture moments on a whim like you do, though. It makes life interesting when I visit my blogger pals' sites.

We don't have any Jack in the Box restaurants here in Knoxville, so I can't give you any feedback here. In fact, I haven't eaten at a Wendy's in over 20 years. I don't eat fast food. Being a SAHM for almost 23 years then those days are far behind me. It's not that we never eat out, but usually when we do dine out it's some place nice.

Thanks for visiting yesterday. Have a nice weekend!
Very interesting shots for things in a row.

1. I've taken photos at the doctors office before, but I think it's when my kids were born.

2. I prefer Sonic or Subway.

Happy Anniversary to you both!!
AND...all of the words of this blog you wrote are in rows. How bout that.
No jack in the box here. I here the tacos are good.
You didn't take that plastic spine did you. If it were real I have a politician I'd like to see someone install that in.
I must say I have never seen a row quite like that one! Impressive.

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