Saturday, February 18, 2012

We have rain! — Six Word Saturday —

My Six Words:

Hoping the grasshoppers turn green again

Really I am getting tired of seeing all of the brown. Spring is here in Southeast Texas again. Our fruit trees are budding and blooming, the grass is greening.

Now what will the brown grasshoppers do? I may have to paint them green:

please ..........
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What a clever blogger you are! Glad Spring is on its way to you. It'll be a while here, as we're a lot further north, and of course east across the pond.
We're still chilly in Jersey but hoping for an early spring. Those grasshoppers sure aren't pretty!
They will! That's the thing about grasshoppers they are resilient!
Your version of green grasshoppers look interesting! Spring has paused here I think.
Either way, brown or green....Deeeelicious!
The trees are in bloom here in central California and boy are we dry too. very little rain this year. Not happy about it either.

Have a terrific day Jim. Hello to Mrs. Jim. :)
Okay - I feel funny asking this but do grasshoppers really turn brown without rain? sandie
Quite a difference in looks. They are also HUGE!
Our trees and many other Spring plants decided the mild temperatures were cause to bloom. Last night, it snowed. The world (and your grasshoppers) seems so confused right now!

Thanks for playing 6WS!

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