Saturday, March 10, 2012

I love my wife — Six Word Saturday —

my six words:
What Mrs. Jim doesn't know won't...

Or will it? ~~ First of all, these pictures were taken at a gourmet dinner that was held at our home last. Mrs. Jim cooked the entrée while three other ladies prepared the rest of the meal.

Pictured below from left to right is what we had: carrot soup with ginger; a romaine lettuce salad (no picture); pork chops with butternut squash and apple stuffing with a mild dirty rice (Mrs. Jim's presentation); and berry, apple, and pistachio combo pie garnished with pistachio nuts and whip cream.
Now, what did Mrs. Jim not know? ~~ Mrs. Jim found a mouse in the garage running to hide someplace. What she didn't know is that the connecting door to the garage was open for several hours that afternoon while we were gone.

Next time I go to the hardware store I will buy some 'blue traps' for that creature and his friends. After I catch him and any of his friends living there I will tell her about the open door that I have been worrying about.

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Yummy,yummy a hearty meal, Jim! Say, the yummy food may not appear yummy any more if the guests got wind of the critter.

A wise decision, not to tell :)
ha ha ha - not at all what I was expecting! Good luck catching the little critters!
Might have had mous(s)e for dessert instead.
'Blue traps' - are they humane ones?
That made me smile. I hope you catch the mouse/mice. I've used humane traps, but then what do you do with the mous? Release it in a field and have it make its way back to your garage!
LOL.... seems like you and Cate both have the same problem.... mice!
The meal looks wonderful.. when can I count on company?
Dinner looked fabulous. I'm hungry now.

I wouldn't tell Mrs. Jim about the mouse either. Not until you are sure you have caught them all. Good thinking.

Have a terrific day. :)
That dinner does look delicious. I would think it would be best if you never told her...
thank you for turning off the word verification. Those words are so hard to read!
Ah, but I'm betting there isn't much Mrs. Jim doesn't know!
aha I hope Mrs Jim doesn't mind having her lovely face on your blog! And hope she doesn't mind being called mrs Jim! Pop over to mine and do my fun quiz- share it with mrs jim!
Hope she doesn't read your post! That is something that my husband would do. Hey after you catch your mouse - I have a couple squirrels in my attic. sandie
Oh yeah! Well we had hotdogs and chips.
Loved your 6WS story! I'm guessing Mrs. Jim doesn't read your blog, or if she does, by the time she reads it dinner is safely over. I agree that sometimes it's best to postpone announcements such as your open door policy for mice! :-)
that dinner looks amazing!! but yes, certainly a good thing that you did not have an extra visitor arrive in the midst of!
Yum! um...... what? You found what.. and left what.... open...? My I be excused? Lol! That food looked really good, glad you didn't tell her, not good to waste such good food! : p
Yes, I'd mention the open door after the mouse has been dealt with. Dinner looks delicious though!

Thanks for playing 6WS!
Oh my! So funny! But these dishes are just really quite tasty looking! As for Mrs. Jim, I can just tell by the lovely (cute little) I know more than I ever let on, she may be way ahead of you!!! But like they say, when the ma'ma isn't happy, nobody's happy! So I won't tell just in case!

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