Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Men in Blue — MidWeek Blues — Late Christmas Family Pictures


These first cousins are Alex and Karen, our nephew and daughter. They don't see each other very often as Alex lives and works here in Houston while Karen is living and working in London.

Over the Christmas holidays we enjoyed their company. Karen and family stayed for a couple of weeks and Alex came up to visit us. The pictures were taken after Christmas but we still had our tree up.

Next we have Alex with his aunt, Mrs. Jim.

And here is Karen and her family, KP and Billy.
(This one was taken at our church.)
[You can click any picture to make it larger. Click again for larger still.]

They all live in London. KP has started pre-school since this picture was taken. From the sound of things KP's favorite subject is art. We have a few of her pictures for the 'fridge' and I will post them here soon.

KP is also taking French but we haven't heard her speaking any of that as of yet. That is why we have to get to London to see her, she is growing like a weed! Her school friends are starting to have parties, birthday, etc, and I do believe Karen is a party girl at her young age.

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She is growing like a weed indeed. They all do don't they. You turn around and they are in school. Good for her.

Have a terrific day. :)
Your family is so beautiful - and do you get to go to London? sandie
I will try to behave,

Those are very good pictures!
Goodness, KP has grown since I last recall seeing a photo. She is a real cutie pie! I look forward to seeing her art.
Lovely family, but you knew that.
I can't wait to see KP's art! I love the stuff they come up with at her age
Hope is more into music right now but the interests change quickly

Beautiful family Jim but of course you know that :)
Hope your back is feeling strong

oh - Hope understands Greek, her Mom and Mom's family have been speaking it to her since birth yet she always answers in English
I'd be interested to know if KP does the same

Hugs to all
Hey Jim ~~ I'm sure glad I peeked into this blog today. Look who's here. Our old friend from the "Walking Ambrose" blog.

Your nephew Alex looks like a nice guy, but I thought you and Mrs Jim lived in Montgomery, Texas. Your daughter Karen doesn't look much older than 45, so I guess she doesn't party much in Piccadilly Circus. I think K.P. is growing like Kudzo.
I forgot to say that I hope you can leave a comment at my blog about the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.
Thanks, Jim. Nice to hear from you. Here is the Jack White video on YouTube that I was telling you about:

IN PERFORMANCE AT THE WHITE HOUSE | Jack White "Mother Nature's Son" | PBS
Hi Jim ~~ It is nice to see the photos of your family and how KP has grown. I hope you and Mrs Jim can get to London to see her properly and talk to her etc.
Thanks for your comments and I have had a setback after slipping down to the floor and was not able to get up so luckily I had the phone with me and rang my friend Michael, who I had known since he was 12, so he came to my rescue. He is like another son and helped me finish the meals I was making and get them in the fridge and freezer. I have hurt my leg and elbow with the leg very sore. Cancelled
physio for Friday, hope to
get there Tuesday. I am not too sure about these crutches, I feel safe with my walker. Glad you liked the 27 things. I did too.
Take care, Cheers, Merle.
Thank you so much for sharing all the lovely photos with us, Dr Jim :)

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