Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Memes -- Things in a Row -- Two Questions -- Pet Day


Food, water, water, food
Who will come?
For sure not to an empty bowl.
Don't worry my two are waiting out of camera sight!

Then after a nice meal comes a good nap!
This is Adi, our fourteen-year-old Beagle dog. She was Karen's until a move to an apartment that didn't allow beagles.
Why no beagles? Because they howl and bark, both really loud. Adi knows how to do these things but she won't unless it is for me when I ask. Or when she is very hungry and we have just come back from an outing.
This is Katrin, our nine-year-old Toy Poodle. Katrin came to us when her mistress died.
She was a little bit naughty when we first got her but mostly she has learned the rules of the Jim House.
These rules involve bathroom habits, licking people, eating chocolate candy she can find around or hidden, dumping garbage pails and ladies' purses to rummage, and climbing onto the furniture. Oh yes, she barks, very loudly.
Katrin still barks but not nearly as much as when we got her.
Both dogs have chips in case they would get lost or stolen. Who would steal nice dogs like these? Well, just like we tell the kids, they are the kind people want to steal. The nice kind.
For more things in a row please visit Pat's Things in a Row post. You might like to post your own 'Things in a Row.'
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And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Self Sagacity for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)
Last week we answered questions about using our 'motorcycle experiences vacation desires' from which I am really hoping that those who don't see a vacation in the near offing that one might be possible. Just a little get-away to the city next would be a refreshment. The bonus question was about having your relatives riding motorcycles and did your worry. Several would like to ride or ride again and just a few worried.

My Two Questions for this week:
1. 1) What is your favorite pet? and Why? (Question was borrowed from Self Sagacity above who got it from Judy Walker--check the link above for more.)
I am glad you got to meet Adi and Katrin. Dogs are my favorite pet. Adi is a therapy dog but she is old and hard of hearing now. It would be too hard on her now to visit assisted living homes like we used to do.
We do have a cat, Amber. She is also given to us by Karen when she moved overseas. Amber is nineteen years old. I do like cats.
2. If you have a pet, what does your pet eat?
Our dogs eat dry food all the time and also a VERY FEW table scraps. We are getting them the Senior bits from various pet food makers.

.e .
Bonus Question: Does any of your pets sleep in bed with you?
Mrs Jim decided before we were married that it was silly to have a dog sleeping in bed with her. That was fine with me because I like all the bed I can get. I did adapt my sleeping habits enough for Mrs. Jim to find room in bed with me. That was a good thing.
Adi has beds in our bedroom and in the living room. She sleeps a lot in her beds and on the floor. Mostly wherever we are. Katrin only has beds (two) in the bedroom. She loves to sleep on the Persian rug under the breakfast room table. We lock them in our bedroom when we go to bed, putting a baby gate in the door to keep them from roaming the house.

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1. I would have to say a dog because we have a dog and she's a wonderful soul. I'm highly allergic to cats and although I love them too, it would be impossible for me to live with a cat.

2. Little Bit is highly allergic to lots of stuff so she has to get her dry food from the vet. She can't have wheat or chicken and most everything has wheat or chicken. We rarely give her people food. Not good for them anyway.

3. Little Bit sleeps wherever she wants, but rarely will you find her on our bed. She has beds upstairs and downstairs and a bed on our boat. You'll find her sleeping there most of the time.

Have a terrific day. :)
I like your things in a row Jim. My first and favorite pet is Disco - a mutt that was rescued. He is so sweet. I babysat a baby beagle once for two weeks and almost had a nervous break down. Disco eats Pro Plan and anything else that isn't secured. I ave allergies so I do not sleep with him, but my grandson does.
Have a good one. sandie
We had a pet dog when I was very young. We all loved him, he got sick at the end and we all wept for him.
After that, I don't think anyone of us wanted to have another pet.
He used to eat left over stuff that we ate. I am not sure...I was very young, I think he also ate a lot of chicken bones.
I think your dogs are very lucky to have such a nice home. :-)
Beautiful dogs!
very few table scraps?

are you sure you want to stick with that?

Adi and Katrin are cute! I haven't chipped Koda, probably won't. Its not a perfect world, but we do monitor him pretty much when he goes outside, he's never off leash and we have bars on all the windows, so thinking no one will ever break in.

He does share the bed. Actually, he "owns" the bed and lets us share our little parts of it. Somehow I find it comforting when he plops against me in the middle of the night :)

We won't even go into the question of what your pet eats.........let's just say it is good there is no hidden camera with a feed to the vet's office :)

So love the design and colour of the yellow and blue bowl in the line up! Your dogs are adorable characters!
Hi Jim ~~ What a great life your dogs have, sleep and eat. Sounds good to me. I am OK after my fall, the leg not so sore now. I haven't even tried the crutches yet, but did too much, got over-tired and that was it.It was beaut
to see Kate and Scott. His first words were that I looked heaps better than in
hospital- they came there twice. Glad you loved the jokes esp the little girl and Grandma, the blonde one of course. Sorry you are so busy - getting ready for
London I guess. Have a wonderful time with family.
Take great care, Cheers,
My daughter just mentioned that Adi and Katrin are very cute :)
Aww...your dogs are too cute!
Their food set up made for a nice row shot!

We are dog and cat people. Two dogs and three cats!

They eat dry food and sometimes get a few table scrapes.

My husbands Red Queensland Healer sleeps on the bed with us for an hour or so each night and then she gets down in her bed. One of the cats will usually find a spot on the bed in the early morning hours.
I like your rows of bowls and pets.

We have 3 pugs and a 160 lb mastiff/newfoundland mix (my avatar over there). 3 of them eat only dry food. Our little pug with no teeth gets canned food. They all sleep in bed with us. The big boy will stay up for a short time and then jump down at the floor at the end of the bed. He likes to sleep on the bed with me if I am taking a nap during the day though. They are snuggle bugs...
The bowl photo made me LOL! Mr. Cheddar says: fill 'er up JIm. Thanks for this. Such sweet furry friends too.

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