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Good Fences: Make Good ________? -- Things in a Row -- Two Questions --

Good Friends Good Neighbors Make

This is a split rail fence with posts buried in the cement foundation. I haven't seen many rail fences set in concrete but a lot of back yard chain link fences are. That keeps the dogs from burrowing under and out. This one occasionally has a couple or three ponies grazing inside.

I took it for the century plant (cactus) but it came in handy for today's post. A student once brought me a century plant back from his visit to Mexico. It was fairly large but in a very cold winter one year it froze and was killed.

These posts are keeping cars where they belong. To the left in the picture is a crawl down place that edges on the Colorado River in Colorado.

On the opposite bank a rafting company sells and guides river rafting tours. Or one can do his own thing with a smaller raft. I have never done river rafting and it is not on my bucket list.

Below are some fence pictures taken while visiting our neighbor who has a ranch near Telluride, Colorado. You can click on them to make a screen size picture.

The fence on the left is for cows, contented ones who don't need a strong fence to keep them in. This works good for the deer and elk you see who came to graze. If they trip when jumping the fence it will give way and not hurt the animals except for a scratch by the barbs.

The center picture is on our neighbor's property while the one on the right is a neighboring rancher's fence.

The fence on the right is a Zig Zag fence (my name for it). This type of fence is free standing and the posts do not have to be dug in for it to stand up even under the very strong winter winds.

Here you see some animals meant to be contained. First is one of our neighbor's horses. Isn't she pretty? Next is Katrin with her child doggy gate that keeps her from going upstairs.

If she does go up she likes to go out on the balcony above the back porch. The main problem with her upstairs is that she eats the Amber's cat food the first thing.

For more things in a row please visit Pat's Things in a Row post. You might like to post your own 'Things in a Row.'
Pat didn't make one this week but the link takes you to her blog. She has other travel posts with the last 'Things in a Row' post being March 22. I hope she keeps on with this meme. You could leave her a comment telling her how much you like reading about row things.
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And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Self Sagacity for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)
Last week I didn't post as I was doing income tax and getting things ready for some travel. The week before you told me about the local parks you liked to visit. Not many of you knew your state flower but said you were going to look it up. Google knows all. If you did look yours up you might mention what it was n your comment for this post.

My Two Questions for this week:
1. What is your feeling about fences.
My opinion is that sometimes they are a necessary evil. Necessary for various reasons. I really don't like the ones along the road which silence the road noise for the people behind the fences. Houses or farmsteads are much prettier than a noise fence.

2. If you have a pet, do you ever contain it and how and why?
Besides not allowing them upstairs with the cat, we also keep our dogs fenced in our bedroom with us at night. I dread even having to think about them roaming around the house at night while we are sleeping.

.e .
Bonus Question: Do you remember any experiences you have had with a fence, pleasurable or not? (You could tell your favorite fence joke if you haven't.)
In a previous life before ever getting married I remember a late teenager night when a bunch of us climbed a country club fence and went swimming in their pool. That was a fun night.

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You have some mighty interesting fences there - and are you saying neighbors are good when they have fences? And now white water rafting - no fun! sandie
Great shots of fences. I like fences. Some are downright awesome looking.

1. I like fences and they are necessary. I'd like a bigger one (taller) with the neighbors that live directly behind us. They have three dogs and a huge ugly dog pen.

2. Our Little Bit has free reign of our home. She sleeps where she wants. We have dog proofed our home so we don't worry about where she is in the nights.

3. Many many years ago a boyfriend and I climbed the fence at the Santa Cruz boardwalk and climbed all over the roller coaster. We almost got caught too, but managed to get back over the fence before the security guard saw us.

Have a terrific day. :)
I think sometimes fences are necessary! We actually don't have one between us and our neighbors and while it looks nice, I sometimes wish I had a little more privacy. As for our pets, we have a dog and indoors she has free reign of the downstairs but is blocked off with a baby gate from the upstairs because she likes to eat shoes. As for outside, we have an invisible fence and while some might say that it's a cruel thing, it's been a God-send in keeping her safe because the actual physical fence isn't feasible on our property.
1) I think fence is good in city neighborhood, as to have privacy and less quarrel opportunity.

) If I have a pet I will keep it in a close in fence yard, for safety reason.

(BTW--I don't publish comment that has LINK included, as it make my page got wonky!
Hi Jim,

This is terrible but every time I click over - I forget what the questions are I'm supposed to be answering! lol

I DO remember the topic is fences!

1) I appreciate the necessity of fences but I especially appreciate those that are functional yet not an eyesore. You CAN have it both ways!

2) I have indoor cats at the moment. When I had a dog in my previous home, I wanted a large dog but I knew from watching all of the neighborhood dogs that they were fence jumpers - so I was responsible and bought a breed that I knew would not jump the fence inmy yard!

I also over time had to restrict the dog within the house. Not by desire but by choice - his bladder was not all that it should have been!

3) Sadly we once had irresponsible neighbors and had to have their fence condemned by the county. Their fence was falling down into our yard, creating a hazard for our dog, and they refused to take care of it. Those same neighbors hired a lawayer to fight it but they were in the wrong - then tried to bilk the lawyer out of their fee by sending the bill to a different neighbor (gave the attorney the wrong address, then every time the neighbor bought them the bill they refused to accept the mail!) We finally called the attorney and told them what was going on - never had a problem with them again!

Have a great weekend and thanks for participating in Friendship Friday - your visits make me smile! :-)

Create WIth Joy
I like fences when they fit the property they surround. Some fences, though, are just downright ugly. My first house had the spit rail fence. My current house has no fence.

Our cats are inside cats and that is where they stay. All three bedrooms are off limits though. They have the run of the rest of the house, all on one floor.
Good neighbors make good friends. Sorry, but I didn't read much of this incredibly lengthy post. But I hope you'll be my new FB friend. I can't wait to see new pictures of your granddaughter, too!
We don't have many fences left here in farm country. Maybe a corner post now and then to remind us of where our field stops and the neighbor begins.
We keep our dog fenced out (the front door)of the house.
She got to come onto the porch one time when there was a bad blizzard. Not my idea she had a big shed she could have gone into. And a warm doghouse.
I love fences as I live in the city and the children think the world belongs to them. I eat dandelion greens and prefer that they are not trampled on by children and animals alike. My neighbor backed over my fence and tore it down on one side. The other side is fenced which are very attractive if built right. I love morning glory, ivy or sweet peas climbing a fence.
Hi Jim, I love how you find all these things in a row. Fantastic mind.
As for the Thursday Two Questions: In Silicon Valley, it is necessary to have fences between neighbors, just to keep their part of style on their side. Some might choose to have pets, while other don't. Then some choose to grow many trees and think that they would share the trees with thy neighbors, and thy neighbors might not like the trash/ responsibilities that comes along with the trees. I am in favor of fences, as I haven't had great neighbors. But even if it was my relative living next door, I am not even sure if I can tolerate their style or their choices...
I would definitely have a fence for my pets' protection. I wouldn't want it to wander off somewhere and possible creating animosity, or get hurt.

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