Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paris Marathon Runner — MidWeek Blues — She Did It !!!

Karen, our daughter who is living and working in London, was a finisher in the Paris Marathon this April 15, 2012, Sunday. We are real proud of her! The first three pictures came from Karen's blog.

Of course her family came to cheer her on. Mrs. Jim and I did too! Pictures are below.

Saturday morning we took the Eurostar to cross the English Channel from London to Paris. Then a prearranged delivery van to the hotel near the Eiffel Tower. We left her home at five in the morning and were checked into the hotel about ten.

It took several hours for her to pick up her running packet as there was a humongous line. A small problem when she figured out that her passport and driver license were still at the hotel. But a picture credit card was sufficient so really there was not a problem.

The rest of the afternoon we strolled the streets of Paris. Also we ate, of course, at a sidewalk cafe. All told over the two days we stayed I believe that I WALKED twenty-six miles, the length of the Marathon run.

First with Karen's family, BP, Karen, KP, and Billy. Next Mrs. Jim and I with Karen. Like I said, we are real proud of her. She has run several other marathons including the New York Marathon in 2003. Karen mentioned to me that it was twenty years ago that she ran her first in Houston while she was still in high school. Go, Karen, Go!
It is hard to do a MidWeek Blues post without posting pictures of these ladies of the family wearing blue. First Mrs. Jim with KP and BP at the playground. Then KP giving her Jim Bo a big morning hug.
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How fun. You two do the coolest things.

Congratulations on your daughter being a Paris Marathon Runner.

Have a terrific day. :)
Your Karen never stops to impress me. I must have known her for quite a long time now.Before KP and all the other changes in her life took place. Somehow I never got hold of she being an athletic. You must all be looking forwards to the Olympic Games in London this summer.
Hope you are having a great time in my all time favorite city.
cool blue :)
Congratulations for a great job doing the marathon! We had one in Los Angeles last month, and I was just a volunteer photographer!

I did at least 5 of the 5k Revlon Run-Walk,

Going to Karen's blog.
Congratulations to Karen for the marathon run ~ well done.
HI jim ~~ Thanks from the cheers from London and the great pictures from Paris.
I am glad you enjoyed the stories and jokes.
I am doing fine and went to the podiatrist yesterday and he says my toenail is NOT ingrown, so I am relieved, but there must be something in there that needs to come. out.
You may have to see a professional with yours, as apparently they have to kill the root of the nail so it doesn't grow again.
Take great care my friend, Cheers, Merle.
That's an incredible accomplishment!
Oh, what a fun trip this looks like. I enjoyed all the photos. Congrats to Karen.
very cool pictures!

sound like y'all are having fun!

oh and thanks Mr.Jim for leaving a comment on my blog. :)
Hooray for Karen, what an accomplishment. My husband is a runner, but not distance. He runs 6 miles every other day. He was a track star back in his day!
Glad to post a comment without having to frown in order to read the TWO-HARD-TO-READ words ;)

Congrats to Karen, that is really something.
Love cute KP, too. What a lovely family you've got there.
what an accomplishment!!
I love all the family pics

KP's hair is so long, and so pretty
she's a sweetie

hugs to all
I think a father/daughter marathon would be nice for you two.
Me? I don't even like to drive that far.
I like to play golf with the young ones. So long as they know how to putt.
Congratulations to your very lovely daughter. She did it! :)

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