Thursday, April 19, 2012

This and that today -- Things in a Row -- Two Questions --


We went to the park and to swing, do the slides, ride the go-around, and climb the bars. This pretty flower bed was at the entrance to the playground part of the park.
When we came back home the good fairy had lined up all these toys in a row. Sorry I don't have a 'before' picture. Of course our two-and-a-half-year-old loved the order made.
We are visiting our kids and grandkids in London and having a great time!
The next day we visited nearby Regent's Park and coming out had a photo shop in front of these pretty flowers, all in a circular row.
We all had our pictures taken there and this one documents my presence there.
Over the weekend we took the Eurostar across the English Channel over to Paris. Our daughter, Karen, ran the Paris Marathon. (my blog) (Karen's blog)
We stayed near the Eiffel Tower and our hotel was right around the corner of the picture on the right. This is a legitimate because of the second one showing the rows of shops, apartments, and the hotels.
We left early Saturday morning and returned late Sunday evening.

All went well, Karen finished the run and got her ribbon. Next on her list may be the NYC Marathon. She did that one before in 2003.

For more things in a row please visit Pat's Things in a Row post. You might like to post your own 'Things in a Row.'
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And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Self Sagacity for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)
Last week you told me about your views and experiences with fences. We did discuss the hemming in of pets, keeping them from roaming, especially at night.My Two Questions for this week:
.1. Do you like to play with the young ones? And if so, what is your favorite activity with them?
My kids and grandkids all got plenty of playing with me as a participant. At early ages it was parks, board games, and sports. As we all aged things pretty well settled down to board games and sports with me as a spectator. Either they were playing or we all went to a game.
With the advent of grandkids I was back to the playgrounds again. Then it progress to day trips to places like libraries or car rides with the top down, stopping for some sort of activity. Of course we stopped to eat.

2. What is the local playground park situation near where you live? I would hope the kids also have a place to run and perhaps feed the ducks or whatever?
Where we live in a retirement community there aren't too many parks. We do have a nice one with picnic tables and playground machines like swings and slides, etc. Walking or cycling on the golf course is frowned on, even in the mornings and evenings before and after golf.


Bonus Question: Do you remember any experiences you have had when you were young with your parents or grandparents?
I loved to go for rides with my grandfather in his horse truck. He had a 1940 Ford 3/4 ton truck which he used to take his stud horse to visit the local mares. For a fee of course but I didn't know much about that kind of stuff at the time.

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1. Our granddaughters are grown or almost grown, but loved to play with them. We made cakes, read books and did puzzles. Our oldest loved to fix grandpas hair with her favorite barrettes. It was fun.

2. The parks around here are all full of homeless folks anymore so you rarely see kids. We go to our marina for quiet.

3. We were raised on a farm and during my growing up years I remember one trip to the ocean. That was it, the rest of the time it was work.

Have a terrific day and a fabulous time on your vacation. :)
1) I love to play with my daughter. She is full of energy. For the more physical play, her dad gets the votes, but I like to do crafts, and draw, paint and practice her handwriting.
2) We have a lot of parks, and they are all still open. the libraries are not avialable like they used to be. Budgets had forced them to close down a few days a week.
I love playing with the grands. Sometimes the kids will have a cook out and the children will chase bubbles from the bubble machine and slide down the water slide.

When my children were younger we spent a lot of days at the Bronx Zoo. They loved watching the animals. One of our local parks, where we would feed the ducks has requested that we no longer feed them. My sister and I spent summers on our grandparents dairy farms and would play with the cows and ride the tractor with grandpa.
I LOVE the photos of Paris! Brings back memories of so long ago! The flowers are so beautiful, as is your lovely little granddaughter! We love to take our granddaughter to the park, read her books, just get down on the floor and play with her and her toys. We just moved to a new area so it will be fun to explore new parks with her.
It looks like you are having a great time in London and Paris. The toys in a row is so cute and I would imagine it is rare to see them so neatly in a row.

I only have one stepdaughter and she is in college now so no small children around. When she was young we spent lots of time at the local parks.

Our little city has several parks with a variety of activities. My favorite one has an aviary, playground, rose garden and lots of walking trails. There is also a pond with lots of ducks and geese.

One of my earliest memories is 'driving' the tractor while sitting on my dad's lap.
No more little ones, but we had our share of good times - playing chasing games, side-walk chaulk drawing,story time, etc. We love to shoot baskets, play tennis, or ride bikes with our kiddos at this stage in life, but these times are limited.

We do have a local park and it usually is full with families on beautiful days. When our children were small, we bought them a lovely swing set so we wouldn't have to go to the park to play on the equipment. It still is a good place to take walks and like you said to feed the ducks.

I don't have memories of my parents playing with me, but I'm certain they did. I do recall daddy taking me to store and buying penny candy for me. The clerk always put mine in a small brown bag for me to carry. That made me feel so special. Penny candy today is dime candy or close to it, anyhow. :(

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy your fun abroad with your family!!
1) I love to play with little kids, and my favorite thing to do with them is baseball..I'll toss the ball and they take turn to hit.

2) We have 2 beautiful playground within driving distant, but no water body around.
Wonderful pictures! The prettiest flower in the bed is the one in the pink coat I think! :)

1) Kids are grown and no grandkids, but I do love to play with the grand dogs!

2) We have a lot of parks around here! Living in a 5th wheel--we usually live IN a park! :)

Wonderful photos of Paris and the Eiffel Tower...
I didn't know you were in London - how wonderful. I like going places and see my grandson play and do things - he's 11 - like Choi Kwang Do. We have a lot of parks here in GA. Have a great time with the family. sandie
I love playing with my children and children in general. It's such delightful fun!

We have a few good parks around here to take the kids. It's best in the daytime I think.

I didn't grow up with my family.

Enjoy your week!

P.s glad you enjoyed the time in London!
Hi There stranger! Looks like you are having a great time. Your grandkids sure are growing! Your pictures are beautiful!
until next time... nel
the flowers are lovely
especially when a little one is skipping past them

The photos are so lovely. Thank you for sharing them with your readers, Dr Jim :)

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