Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jim Bunch Eats — Six Word Saturday — Again

My Six Words:

Fish and Chips and Mushy Peas

On our last day in London we ate at The Golden Hind. They have a good reputation and get good ratings (Link).  Go for the Haddock as it's worth the extra pence.
A problem for Mrs. Jim though. They did not serve 'sticky toffee pudding.' We all like that but evidently The Golden Hind does not.
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ha ha one has to have fish and chips and mushy peas here- my favourite dessert is banoffee, have you had that yet? Sounds like you had a great time- although terribly wet.
I've never taste any mushy peas yet. I wonder how it tastes ... salty, sweet or a combination of both?
Fish and Chips...Yes. Peas (mushy or otherwise)...No, thank you. Still, two out of three ain't bad.
Yum. Sticky Toffee Pud is just gorgeous. I miss fish 'n chips here in France, despite having wonderful seafood hereabouts, it's just not the same.
The Jim Bunch eats well.
Looks delicious! Never had Sticky Toffee Pudding, but it sounds amazing. Sorry you had to miss out this time.
my gosh; look at all that delicious food! I have to say, I would like to try the mushy peas; tried creamed corn and liked that. Looks like all would not walk away from that food hungry :)

Diet food, huh?
I like fish and chips occasionally - and I'd go for haddock too.
I love sticky toffee pudding - I'd have been disappointed, like Mrs Jim.
Hey that looks pretty good. sandie
The fish and chips look great, but I'm not sure about the mushy peas... :-) I love London!!
I have a friend about to visit London for the first time, looking for things to do and places to go. Must direct her to this post!
Mmmm, though I'll say I've never managed to like the mushy peas. I could go for an amazing fish n chips for dinner. Glad you enjoyed your dinner. Thanks for playing 6WS!
I like crispy fish and chips but I can definitely pass on the mushy peas.
I like peas, I would mash my own peas , :)

hope ya had a good time,
and a safe trip !
Lovely photos :)
what great pics- fish looks great but I'm not too sure about the mushy peas...never tried 'em yet...

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