Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Alphabe-Thursday -- "B"

"B" is for BACKYARD today. I have pictures of five backyard scenes. The top two are ours. The bottom three will remain anonymous concerning their owners. You can click on any picture for a larger view. Click it again and it will be larger still.
Our backyard stops on the left at the middle white stake and at the back where you see the water running after a rain.  The right side is bounded by this 'flower bed.'  This pot was moved during cold weather to over here where it had a lesser chance of frost.  We didn't plan to leave them there forever but we are going on three years now.
The house on the left, taken from its backyard, had a tree fall on the roof which caused this damage.  A strong wind blew the tree over so this picture is showing the repair at the beginning stage.
This is one of the  prettier Ford F150 trucks I have seen lately.  It sits every night here in the owner's backyard.  I would make room for it in the garage if it were mine.
Either of these cars would be for sale if you made a decent offer to the owner.  The camper is not for sale nor is the truck parked beside the trailer.  You might could borrow these two for a weekend fishing or camping trip.
Check out more Alphabe-Thursday 'B' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find her here.  You might even like to join us as we go through the alphabet, one letter per week.
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"B" is also for the color, BLUE. I wash my own clothes, this was my shirt wash a couple of weeks ago.

Thought I'd show you my favorite BLUE shirts for being every day or casual. On the left are my old work shirts and right are golf shirts. On the golf shirts, I have other favorites but they weren't blue. The work shirts are my former work shirts when I was teaching.

I played golf this Tuesday for the first time in thirteen months.  My total knee replacement surgery was last July 18.  I have not been cleared for golf by my doctor but he said to go see my therapist or golf pro.  Neither of them was very helpful, no more helpful than my doctor who is a sports medicine orthopedic physician.
So I went on the Internet and read up on how to play golf after a left knee replacement.  Mostly do not twist the leg.  The trick to not doing that is to stand with the weight on my toes when I hit the ball.  So I did that with my left foot and it worked good. 
.I had a par on two par four holes.  Those were the only two holes for which I turned in a score. 


Lots of 'B's here Jim! Thank you. The back yards are huge in comparison with my little space!
Ji,. I love your flower bed! That's my kind of gardening! Glad you can play golf again. I am having trouble with my knees and have had to change my swing accordingly. Thirteen months seems like an awfully long time! Glad you at least had two pars!
Way to go on all those "Bs" and I'm thrilled that you got to play golf after all this time. Better yet you can play without hurting yourself.

Have a super day. :)
Lovely back yard. And a lovely B post too!
that is funny to see your golf pro for permission to go back to work at playing golf,,,it would be like getting permission from my 6 year old neighbor to go back to school crossing guard work after my open heart surgery<>><my final day of tking it easy is today according to my 16 year old doctor{at least that is the age he looked like after i met him following him breaking my sternum prying it apart, taking my heart out of it's cavity cuttin all the arteries but one a quintipple bypass and then rerouting with the skin from my leg all the blood
what alovely little flower bed ... and lucky you being able to play golf again!
I love your backyard. Ours is surrounded by a privacy fence and you can see the tops of the neighbors houses. I am thankful we are on a corner lot though, and across the road is woods. Love that! Enjoyed your post, and glad to see you can golf again!
until next time... nel
Hi Jim! Hoorah for getting to golf again. I'd be real careful though. Don't want to mess things up. I'll bet Mrs. Jim is glad you wash your own shirts! Good man Jim!!
The yards are fun to see! Love that truck too! I would have to house it in the garage but my own garage is overflowing with things! Ha Ha!

Great B post here today. Be blessed and enjoy your weekend.
You must like BLUE! So tell me was that your house that had roof damage? sandie
Good luck with your golf! I've had bilateral Oxford replacements on my knees, and it took me almost two years to get used to them. Sounds like you are doing good!
Your backyard is very nice! I'm impressed that you wash your own clothes.
That is some beautiful backyard view you have!
Glad you are able to golf again.
Jim, you are so cute!

I loved this post!

That truck is a beautiful shade of red...and your shirts look like all the ones my husband wears. He is blue eyed and they always make him look even cuter in my eyes.

I love how big your backyard is. It would make me want to have a huge garden again!

Thanks for a really fun link to the letter "B"!

It's always fun to see what you're writing about.

You can bet your last buck, I truly meant to get over to here to read your "B" post last week. But, bust my briches, time got away from me and now I'm so behind! :( Backyard...what a great post!

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