Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Alphabe-Thursday -- "A"

"A" is for AXLE today. This poor old Model T Ford will be up to it's axles in mud very soon. But don't worry, the team of horses is there to help out. Hence (perhaps) the old saying, "Get a Horse!" 

That was hollered a lot at the cars when they broke down or got stuck in the early days of automobiling.

Speaking of early days, I rode a horse to high school for my freshman and sophomore years. Even through the snow on in the mud, up hill and down hill, for three miles.

Check out more Alphabe-Thursday 'A' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class.  You can find her here. 

Picture courtessy of John M. who e-mailed this to me and lots of other people.  John currently owns two Model T Fords.

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Progress takes time and now cars way outnumber the horses that are used for transportation.

Have a terrific day. :)
What a great old shot! Is that you Jim? I haven't seen ya for quite a while. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!
what a beautiful pic! :) thanks for stopping by!
sorry i didn´t meet some of your family :) hope, you had a great trip through germany!
Hi Jim!

Great pic. Have a great Memorial day weekend too!

PS In my latest novel (a psychological/suspense crime novel), there's a character called Jim! Don't worry - he's modelled on someone I knew years ago in the UK! Don't *recall* any other similarities with others called Jim!!

PPS He's returning in my current novel (work in progress) so all Jims of the world had better watch out!!!
Hahahaha! I love that photo! What a grand way to travel!
Love that team of horses.

Thanks for stopping by. That is Norfork lake and the road crosses the dam and curls around. There are camping spots by the river and by the lake.
Stopping by to say hello and the blue line is different today - all gone - it is something with your join me site. sandie
Hey! I felt compelled to reply to your comment on my post.

Thank you so much for your words. Those of us who have lived in that period applaud you! We only wish that the younger generation could see life the way we have for so many years!!!!
i love old cars. So much more character than today's cars.

visiting from Alphabe-thursday
How embarrassing the "horseless carriage" needed horses after all. :))
love the photo!
Axle - good A word and nice picture.
Times have changed so much! We are always in such a rush to get places now, but I would find it very difficult to live without my car.
Good thing the roads have improved a bit! Lucky those horses were around to tow him out. How funny.
Finally making it over, Jim! Gee, sorry about the long delay in getting here. First off, I love the nostagalia of the old photo and the memories of how life once was. My mother-in-law tells us from time-to-time about the difficulties she faced going to school. She literally had to walk up hill leaving home and going home, plus she was way back in one of those rural hollers in West Virginia. To catch the school bus, she had to either walk out or catch a ride in the back of her uncle's state road pickup truck. This was at least five miles off the main road. Can you imagine kids today walking that? You won't EVER hear of such a thing now! I certainly do not know about such hardships as you or my in-laws, I did do my share of walking as a kid because if we wanted to go anywhere then we had to use our legs to get us there - walking or biking. Thanks for the great 'A' post!
BTW, have you always had word verification? I really don't like this feature. You may wish to reconsider having this. I use to have it and then did away with it. I learned I rarely get spam and what little I do get I usually catch in my spam folder or waiting to be moderated. Spam usually shows up on older posts, I've found.This will give you something to think about anyhow.
Jim! I loved this!

What an amazing and imagination invoking post!

This was really, really cool!

You are absolutely entertaining!


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