Saturday, May 05, 2012

Oh Yes!!! — Six Word Saturday — "Welcome Jim" / Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

My Six Words:
Ain't it nice to feel Welcome!!!

Where am I? 
Being picked up by the driver of an ordered car-- 
At the London Airport to visit the grandkids and their parents,
 after this nice  cruise
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This also could have been:
Have a Happy Cinco de Mayo!
(test your knowledge here)

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And how much weight did you put on on that strictly unhealthy diet cruise? Have a nice time with your family.
My Beloved Sandra & I recently cruised th the Bahamas. I really loved the destination, but the journey...not so much. Some folks love it, & it sounds like you enjoyed. Good for you. Nice to be with family, too, I suppose. Home Safe, Amigo.
Have a good time with your family. Hope our weather improves for you :)
Always fun to be with family- or is it? And you're here in merry old London town too. Are you enjoying our 'springlike' weather? LOL
How cool is that! I never had a service like that (well one that holds up my name, like I'm Royality arriving!) that is so awesome, besides, London! ...and family too...enjoy yourself!
Have a good time with your family.
Hope our weather improves for you :)
WOW... now THAT is service....
I love cruises... glad yours looked like fun!
Enjoy your visit!

Working on it all the time.
(My six words about my life.)

I know you enjoyed your cruise. Now I hope you enjoy Europe and the family. You poor thing! lol

Just have fun as I know you will.

Have a terrific weekend too. :)
Wow! Being picked up by the driver of an ordered car :)

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