Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Alphabe-Thursday -- "F" -- Things in a Row -- Two Questions --

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"F" is for Fruit:  I took these pictures at my local Kroger Grocery Store in Willis, Texas.  They are also very fitting for my Thursday Things in a Row post.  Texas merchants are proud to be able to sell merchandise which has originated in Texas.  Hence the sign.
"F" is for Flathead Ford:  This restored 1934 Ford V8 Tudor belongs to one of our car club members.  Our Montgomery Country (Texas) Early Ford V8 Club met on June 2, 2012, at one of our member's home.  We ate, kicked tires, toured the members Texas ranch home, and had a club meeting (link).
The pictures below are of the Flathead V8 engine of three cars.  Please notice for Thursday Things in a Row posting Ford positioned the spark plugs all in a row.   The first engine on the left is from the 1934 Ford pictured above.  The second is of a members 1936 Ford, while the one on the right is in a 1952 Ford V8 Pickup.
Ford manufactured the Ford Flathead engines for his cars from 1932 through 1953.  In 1954 the Ford V8's were the newer modern Overhead Valve V8 engines.

You can check out more Alphabe-Thursday 'F' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find her here. You might even like to join us as we go through the alphabet, one letter per week.

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For more things in a row please visit Pat's Things in a Row post. You might like to post your own 'Things in a Row.'

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And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Self Sagacity for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)

Last week 's post was about gourmet and public transportation. The responses were very interesting.
My Two Questions for this week:

1. What are your produce buying methods?
First we check the weekly specials at Krogers, H.E.B, and Brookshire Brothers.  We also try to buy items in season.  Then for the rest we 'splurge' on what seems to be good at the moment we are shopping.  The local Kroger store is our favorite place to shop.  Sometimes we end up at Sams when we cook for a crowd.
2. What is your favorite fruit?  How often do you get to eat it?
Bananas for ice cream and apples to eat with cheese or make apple pie are about equally my favorites.  I like most fruits after these, probably starting with oranges and then grapes.  (I hardly ever buy grapes if they are over 99¢ a pound which would be a sale price.)

Bonus Question:  Did you fly your American flag for Flag Day on June 14?
Yes, Mrs. Jim and I did fly it on our pole in the ground out in the front yard flower bed.
The picture here is an old July 4, 2006, one on Adi's Meme.  I took a picture this year for flag day but wanted to get Adi back on the blog.  She six years older now than in this picture but still gets around good.  Good that is, with her arthritis pills and shots.

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Oh gee you are ready! These are great real life moments you have posted the dog and the car!
You always have the greatest rows!

Regarding the grandson, he was still sound asleep when I took those pictures...he would have never posed.
Loved this post.
First and foremost, I always buy produce grown in the USA. This is very important to us. Second, if I can get local produce then I'll buy it first. We shop at Walmart and they are getting good with stocking their produce department with locally grown fruits & veggies.

My favorite summer fruit is watermelon, but I don't buy it nearly enough because I'm the only one who eats it here. Everyone else has food sensitivity to melons. :(

Fiddle Faddle!
Dear Jim,
Great photos here!! I love the dog and the bananas. Thanks for sharing my friend.
We normally go to the nearest supermarket to get our groceries. Our favourite fruits are bananas, strawberries and blueberries.
I buy the produce from groceries. I tried the farmer's market sometimes but I don't like to have to travel too far, and it's far from where we live.
LOVE your rows and your Ford. We love fruit at our house and will buy it from the farmers first, if we can find it, then the stores. I have a friend who has a farm so I get berries and cherries from her. YUM!!
I love all the fruit in a row, and those cars are classic!

We've been buying our produce at the regular grocery store, but I heard that there is a farmer's market every Friday about a mile from our home. Will have to check it out soon!
Now that's what I call an eclectic post - lots of interesting things to read! I'll be back.
Fantastic fruit. Fabulous Ford.
Fun-tastic post. Thanks for visiting all my F-words.

I had missed you, glad You stopped by. Afraid that since my cancer treatments started I can't get around to all the blogs I would like to visit. It is all I can do to keep up with return visits to those that visit me.
great shot! the ford is cool :)
Hi again Jim!

Many thanks for stopping by my blog!

Such an interesting *F* post – great pics. The dog and banana are great.

Have a great Alphabe-Thursday
First of all, your photos are wonderful!

As for grocery shopping, I check the ads to see where the sale price is at, make a list, and go.

My favorite fruits are peaches, nectarines, and watermelon for the summer. I'll eat it all year round if we have them.
I tend to shop at Costco more often than any other places because the prices work out better for us.

Summer fruits have to be avocado, strawberry, and watermelon for us. If the fruits look fresh and good, I will buy them..
Well, that certainly is a bold statement!! We have a Saturday farmer's market at our town hall every week. It is such a pleasure to have such fresh goodies on our table!!!!
Hi hubs would love that flathead!! And we try to buy as much produce that is locally grown as possible. That was way easier when we lived in California than it is now in UT, but we still try! Have a great week!
Hi Jim! Nice Post! Gotta say Costco has the best produce around here by a long shot. Just recently strolled around a car show here....the hubs loved it! Happy Alpha Day!
Adi is so cute! I'm glad her arthritis is being controlled. It's so sad when our four-legged loved ones suffer!

I usually get produce at Sprouts, but I don't think that is a nationwide chain.

Gorgeous car, too!

You and my husband have to meet someday. You both love the same era of vehicles!

This was a fun stop today!

Thank you for linking.

I have to say your Kroger is better then our Kroger! By far!

When I go to buy fruit - in season - I love to go to Whole Foods.

My favorite fruit are peaches! lol

Love, sandie

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