Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer is ... — Thematic Photographic

Summer is morning fog on the golf course that's behind our house.  It'll soon be hot. 
I am golfing tomorrow, it is supposed to be 101°F high temp by afternoon.
Summer is having take-out breakfast from MacDonalds.
My favorite is Egg Biscuit with cheese.  I take the bottom biscuit off.
I eat the egg and cheese top part with ketchup.  Then with coffee I have
the bottom part with strawberry jam.
Summer is dogs sleeping most of the day in the shade someplace.
This is Adi, our beagle dogShe has never slept outside in her life.
Summer is concerts in the park.  Back in my near-hippy days, early 70's,
there would be a musical group under nearly every tree in the Houston parks.
I'd ride my motorcycle litterally from tree to tree and find a shady place to listen.
I remember then ZZ Top was playing out there, getting a start with the others.
Summer is weddings so blissful.  This picture was of my oldest (of four)
granddaughter, Megan and her getting-to-be new husband, James.
Summer is vacations in the cool lands.  Colorado and its Garden of the Gods
will be nice in most years.  It was last year.  But this year the woods are on fire
there and the scenery may not be so green.  There are forest fires now around the
Colorado Springs area.  So far this year Texas has been spared.  Not so last year.
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Instructions from Carmi Levi: "Your turn: Shoot a summer-themed scene, then share it on your blog. Leave a comment here letting folks know where to find it, then drop in on other participants to share the photographic goodness. Participate as often as you'd like, and even bring in a friend - new folks are always welcome. For more background on how this Thematic thing of ours works, just click here. Otherwise have fun!"

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Your summers look so good! Apart from the summer fog on the golf course, there's nothing like that here!

Apart from weddings! Your granddaughter looks so lovely!
Yep, you've nailed your summer nicely. The very best of summer.

Have a terrific day. :)
101 degrees and your golfing - that is hot!

We took Andy to VBS this am and just got my senior coffee and an english muffin with a piece of sausage.

Our dog sleeps inside too.

Love weddings and your granddaughters was beautiful.

And summer concerts - summers are fun aren't they?

And a happy summer to you!
Great summer pictures! They show the ease and relaxation of what summer days are made of.
Jim, I'm also thinking of golf courses and summer. I played yesterday and the weather was beautiful (ouch my back is sore, though!...the back strap on my bag broke and I ended up carrying it by hand for a number of holes).

Great pics!
We are in a golfing mood this week as I played earlier today in England - warm but nothing like the 100F in Michigan. It's beem so wet in Englsnd in June that we have holes closed!
My daughter's dogs slept a lot in the Michigan heat but still had the energy to chase tennis balls before cooling of in the lake. Who said it's a dog's life in the summer.
Concerts in the park - love that about summer. Nice pictures.
I love the HEAT! Summer and the outdoor bands and music are always the best medicine for anything! great summertime photos Jim!
A lovely series of summer shots - golf courses always look so lovely with their swathes of grass. Good choices!
What a lovely ode to summer!
Hi Jim ~~ Good Summer post. Have a great summer but 101 is hot to be out playing golf isn't it?
Thank you so much Jim for the tips about Blogger. I could not see where to Edit Posts, but you have explained that and also Save and then close. I try to give a title to a new blog and then I can find it
I was 60 kg a year ago, but don't want to get much over 50 kg. Well done to Mrs Jim she always looks nice, and you are doing OK. With 10kgs less to carry around
and put strain on almost everything.
As for Bon Scott and John Lennon -- I love some of John's music like Imagine and So This is Christmas (War is Over) He had a strange outlook on life but the music is still great.
Never much of an AC/DC fan.
Thanks again Jim for the tips about Blogger. I am sure they will help me. Take care my friend, Cheers, Merle.
....and a good one too Jim!

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