Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lliking fried seafood — Six Word Saturday —

My Six Words:
My sister likes shrimp poboy sandwiches

I like all the poboys (link), oyster, catfish, shrimp, or crawfish that our local Sam's Boat (link) Seafood Restaurant serve. Since not everyone's oyster poboys are this good, I usually eat them when I'm at Sam's Boat.

When they came on June 13 to visit we ate outside on their water level deck at Lake Conroe.  Not all tables had such a good lake view as ours.

Lois likes hush puppies  with her shrimp poboys also.  See my July 12 post below to learn about those.

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I don't know about the hush puppies, but I do love shrimp. A. Lot.

Have a terrific weekend Jim. :)
That's what I CALL a plate of food! Massive :)
Oh, you're making my hungry. Shrimp in any form is one of life's greatest pleasures. :) I've never tried an oyster, but should probably put that on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing this little slice of your (yummy) life.
Oh yes, and they are really delicious I'm sure!
That's a SANDWICH??
I love seafood, but have no idea what poboys are. As for hush puppies, in UK these are SHOES! You eat shoes?
Well, now that the whole street's full... that was for the whole street, wasn't it?
Oh, I miss me some Po'Boy, indeed I do. Gotsta get beck to N'Awlins...
my best to your sister and her poboys....are they greasy?
Wow! Fun & Food!
McGuffy's Reader

P.S. How does one follow you?
I don't think I've ever had one.

Hey have you turned off anonymous comments and not allowed them - since I did that I have had no spam.

And there is another way some people do it - by sending comments to you first to moderate.

I'll be here.
Cool, I've never heard of those kind of po boy's before. I usually get the sub one's from HEB. Those look good, will have to try one sometime!

That's ok, good preparation for the robots of the future. : )
You've sure left my mouth watering for shrimp!
Wow! The lake view must be very serene, Dr Jim :)

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