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My Alphabe-Thursday -- "H" -- Things in a Row -- Two Questions --

"H" is for hush puppies.

Hush puppies  (link) are pretty much Southern food served with fried fish. That is unless we are talking of shoe brands (link). The eating kind are basically corn bread rolled into a ball and deep fried (recipe link).
Why are they called 'hush puppies?'.Mrs. Jim said her grandmother would make them almost every day. The hound dogs--like Adi--would gather round and howl a little, they knew their turn was coming.

Then Grandma would call out, "Hush puppy! Hush puppy, hush!," as she would throw each dog in turn his or her hush puppy, hot from the pan. I have no idea how many hush puppies make a hound dog quiet down. We don't feed Adi hush puppies so I for sure don't know and Mrs. Jim can't remember how many it took her grandma to throw before the dogs did hush.

"H" is also for Hors d'Oeuvres
On the right is a small dish served as appetizers (some had been eaten before I snapped this picture) in our local Kountry Katfish Restaurant. You recognize the hush puppies and in the smaller dish is a serving of pickled green tomatoes. Served as hors d'oeuvres, they are free. A plate is served to about every four guests with refills as needed.

Thursday Things in a Row:  These skewers consist of tortellinis stuffed with cheese, lightly cooked in oil peas in the pods, and yellow and red roasted small tomatoes.  Mrs. Jim serves these as when  a group meets at our home.  This will happen again Friday night for six couples to play dominoes, Texas 42 style.  [click on the picture to see my rows of  hors d'oeuvres a little better.]

Finally, I wanted to show you my retired pair of Hush Puppy shoes.  The problem is that they should have been stored on this shelf.  You see they aren't there.  I assure you that I did not throw them away.  They were the ones I wore to the Holy Land in 1980.
I know that many times my Hush Puppy shoes crossed the paths that Jesus Christ had walked as he traveled throughout Israel.  We stayed there in Jerusalem for six days and seven nights, using that city as a base for our travels, also through out present day Israel and Palestine.  Palestine was a country with no territory back then.
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You can check out more Alphabe-Thursday 'H' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find her here. You might even like to join us as we go through the alphabet, one letter per week.

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For more things in a row please visit Pat's Things in a Row post. You might like to post your own 'Things in a Row.'

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And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Self Sagacity for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)

Last week 's post was about greats in your lives and how you were celebrating national holidays. The responses were very interesting.
My Two Questions for this week:

1. When did you eat your first hush puppy?  Tell us a bit about that experience.

I  had never eaten hush puppies until I moved to Houston when I was thirty-one years old.  Hush puppies are not very popular in the Midwest, West Texas, or New England, the areas where I previously had lived.
2. How do like Hush Puppy shoes?
I have told about the one pair above.  I used to wear Hush Puppies most all of the time, even for dress-going-to-church shoes.  Now-a-days I cannot as my foot doctor has told me to wear only athletic shoes, like running or training shoes.  And then I ave to put arch supports in them per his order..

Bonus Question: What is your favorite appetizer, or hors d'oeuvres dish?

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Jim, you're a damn mess!! Go get yourself a shrimp cocktail!

How long have you lived in Houston?? You know perfectly well that hush puppies are served with more than fried fish! I suppose Mrs Jim's grandma threw the dogs catfish bones along with cornbread while she called out, "Hush puppy! Hush puppy, hush!"

I'd forgotten about the Hush Puppy Beagle, though. Thanks for the link.
That plate of hush putties brings back memories. Being a Georgia girl I probably had my first hush puppy at a very early age. My grandmother would sometimes mix a little bit of diced onion in the batter. As to how they got their name, I have heard the same story but it goes back the early south.

Don't know, I have never tried Hush Puppy brand shoes.

My favorite appetizer is fried mozzarella. But if it's hot I'd rather have veggies and a dip.
I knew about the shoes but didn't know anything about a connection with food.
Your row of delicious snacks made me hungry.

Great pictures.
I think I had my first hush puppies at a seafood restaurant when I was little. They were wonderful as I recall!
Hush Puppies shoes are good shoes. As for the food we may have a local variety that are called other names. These the lady of the house would be able to tell. Thanks for sharing!

your H looks yummy :)
Before I get into your questions I wanted to bring something to your attention. Did you know your blog format is a little screwy looking? I don't know if this is something on my end or not, but yesterday another blogger's looked weird. In that case, someone else had commented on it, too.

Now on to hush puppies. Oh yes, I've had them many times. I guess the first time I ever had them was in my teens when I ate at Long John's. I love them, but hate the calories! Last summer, I had my first batch of homemade hush puppies and those were so fabulous! Why is it the tasty stuff is so bad for you?

Hush puppy shoes, I've never worn before or at least I don't think I have.

Fun letter 'H' & T2Q post! ^.^

Hometowns USA
Those food photos are delicious looking.

I ate hush puppies in my early 20, and not liking them too much as I am not fond of greasy food.

Love Hush Puppy Shoes, because they are quite comfortable.
Now I have a craving for hush puppies! I first tasted them at Long John Silvers about 30 years ago!

We heard the story of how hush puppies originated when we traveled to Charleston, SC.

In regards to your question about the painted window on my blog post today, my sister brings it in for the winter.
1. I've never had a hush puppy. Not much into cornbread either. So, I'll pass.

2. Never had a pair of hush puppy shoes either. Do they taste like cornbread too?

3. Shrimp.

Have a terrific day. :)
Hi JIm, my first hubs was from Louisiana, so hush puppies were a staple on our table. And my mom tried to make me wear HushPuppies when I was a kid. I thought they were hideously ugly...but now they're actually a pretty stylish shoe brand...go figure. Maybe I'm just getting older! heehee
You got me this week! I don't think I've ever had hush puppies to eat, even though I lived in Louisiana for a long while. As for the shoe brand, I love them, they are comfortable but hadn't had a pair for a long long time.
Great rows! The skewers look yummy!

1) Grew up in MO near St. Louis and had Hush puppies since I can remember. My dad loved to fish and we always had them with the fresh fish.

2) Never wore hush puppy shoes--I wear Clarks. LOVE them! :)

Fav appetizer is blooming onion from Outback. Yummy! Never order it anymore since I looked up the nutritional info on it, but man are they good! :) (PS I am almost to 100 lbs lost!!!! No appetizers for me!)
I've never tasted a hush puppy, but they sure look delicious!
Jim, I have been eating hush puppies my entire life. My grandparents used to have fish fries at their farm, and of course those hush puppies were an important part of that meal! Great post, Jim!!
I love hush puppies!
I love both but have had neither one in years. This is so funny - my dear friends that just came - we sat one night and we were discussing of all things - hush puppies and when we ate our last one!

We didn't remember or remember where we could get any!

I'm betting that Mrs Jim might have something to do with the disappearance of a pair of 1980 Hush Puppies! We narrowly missed one another in Jerusalem - I'm sure of it! I was there with a group of wives from the military chapel. It was a wonderful experience.
Hush Puppies - I first ate them in Oklahoma City in 1980. We were posted there, and there were some strange food experiences for this Canadian gal - Hush Puppies, Grits, barbecue (the food, not the activity!)Anyway, I was hooked on Hush Puppies, but haven't had one since.
Hush Puppy shoes - well I've had a pair or two in my day and I liked them very much.
My favourite hors d'oeuvres would be Chicken Sate with peanut sauce, or anything with smoked salmon!
I don't think I've ever had a hush puppy ;) I really don't know. I will have to ask the hubs.

As for the shoes, I can't remember what it looks like. I'll have to go google.

Favorite h'dors. Hmm I'd say anything with shrimp.

Happy weekend!
I would think the scalding hot hush puppy would be able to quiet a dog down pretty quickly. Ouch!
I've heard of hush puppies but never had them. They sound very good.
Enjoyed your hush puppy education. I ate my first hush puppy in my early 20's. I saw a recipe and decided to give it a try. They were favorites in our house for a long time, although I never served them with fish.

As for the shoes, I had a pair in my youth. Don't remember much about them, except that I loved the name.
Oh man. I would never be able to eat FOOD if I had that as an appetizer!

The red onion was intriquing to me. I bet that tart flavor really balances out the rich density of the hush puppy!

I haven't had these in years but your picture really made my mouth water.

I usually order appetizers for my meal along with a salad!

I pretty much like everything!

Thanks for a fun link for the letter 'H' Jim!

Hush puppy is also a type of food :) Thank you so much for teaching new things to your readers, Dr Jim.

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