Saturday, July 28, 2012

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my Six Words:
I hope you didn't miss it
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It was the best O L Y M P I C openning ceremony that I have watched (TV-wise).  Everything was so pretty.  Even the U.S.A. Ralph Lauren designed uniforms and berrets (link) looked good on the atheletes. You can buy a beret for $55.00. 
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Good Lord, Jim!

Are you blind? Maybe you weren't at #London2012. That was possibly the WORST opening ceremony I've ever seen!

Besides the fireworks (and James Bond and QEII parachuting into the stadium), China was much, much better!
I agree completely with you, Dr Jim. The Opening Ceremony for London Olympics 2012 is the best. We woke up at our local time 4am to watch it live on TV. And we'll be watching the encore at 6pm today. We love Mr Bean, James Bond and the Queen, Mohd Ali and all the other highlights. It's so fantastic! :)
I saw your "networked blog" post on Facebook, so let me continue my rant!

Kenneth Branaugh was absolutely ridiculous in his Stovepipe hat!

“Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises.”

Oh, our agony!
I tried to 'give' the opening a fair chance with an open mind .. but just didn't 'get it' ... and once political and PC ads started appearing, I had enough and sadly turned it off. Happy to read you enjoyed it.
Jim you are so right,it was the best Olympic ceremony ever!Although I may be slightly biased :-) honestly I did love the ceremony and felt a ridiculous amount of pride in our little country!
this is funny reading the different opinions... NOW I really wish I'd watched!
Except the outfits were "Made in China"
Gotta agree with the naysayers here, though it wasn't the worst. Hard to top Beijing.
You've certainly got the yeas and nays going on here, Jim. And I thought you weren't being controversial any more!
Nice pics.
I taped it so I can watch it again sometime! It was quite something!
No opening ceremonies are totally perfect. (six words)

Quite a mix of comments!

I loved it. There was a lot in there - blink and you'll miss it type moments - that were cultural references only residents would appreciate. But it was a glorious celebration of our recent past and brilliantly staged.

I wonder how much humour there was in the China ceremony? Was there anything to top a parachuting Queen?
I've not watched any of it, but someone commented on their blog that Paul needs to quit signing. Don't know about that.

Sorry I've not been around. I had no Internet at the boat this weekend. Had to wait till we got home to visit.

Have a terrific day. :)
Oh, sounded like fun! I've never really to watch the Olympics, except for track, I like to run! : )

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